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I think i have made a mistake...

Guest Flat_Four

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Guest Flat_Four

So after some time off of DayZ RP, and getting a better computer, i decided i wanted to join back. So i just created this account, and I started to go through the whitelist page. When i got to the step that requires me to to link my steam account, it said that that my steam account was linked to another profile. After asking myself how this could be possible, i logged out and tried logging in with my old credentials. Long story short, my old account wasn't deleted,( which i thought it would have been) and the system said that it would look into the possibility that this is an alt. account. 

So, my question is, whats the best course of action I should take, because I don't wanna get myself banned after my first day back here from my own stupidity. For the record, my old account is Ltcoolio1. I should also ass that i was white-listed on that account, but that probably doesn't matter since the system has changed since then.

Also I apologize if this wasn't posted in the appropriate area.


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Guest Generic Name

PM staff and explain your problem, they will understand. You'll have to use your first (old) account thought, and this one will be banned. You'll also have to go through whitelisting again because it has changed since your last time here. Don't be afraid to ask in teamspeak for help and good luck.

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  • Sapphire

The Staff here are understanding. I'm sure they'd be more than happy to help you if you take the issue to them directly via PM. Alternatively, I'm sure a Staff member will see this thread at some point.

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