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Not whitelisted?

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Just had something kind of odd happen, was able to get into the server and play around for about 30 or so minutes, met up with some guy and start making our way north. The server lags out and now I'm suddenly un-whitelisted? I would of thought if I got removed for inactivity or something along those lines it never would of let me in the server to begin with.

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Have you just recently returned to the community?

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I have, yes. I'm just going to assume I got removed from the whitelist because of an activity issue, just found it very very odd that I was able to play for 30 minutes prior to it realizing I wasn't on it, hahaha.

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While you were away we implemented a new whitelist system.

Right after it was made active all previously whitelisted members were given the time

to simply log in with their steam and able to bypass the new question system. 

You can read more about it  here.

The deadline for the previously whitelisted members to sign in ended September 13th. 

If you missed the deadline you will need to complete the new whitelist to play on the servers.

Our servers sometimes have little flooks in them that let unwhitelisted members play until it 

corrects itself, finds you and then kicks you off. That may be what happened that allowed you on the server for the time

you were able to play. If you have any questions when it comes to the new whitelist

please do not hesitate to jump into Teamspeak and come up to "Waiting for Staff Help"

With that I will /Solve this.

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