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The Madness of Gedrun Kain

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In The House - Without a Heartbeat (cover)


***As you pick though the contents of a semi derelict house  the corner of a worn, blue sports bag catches your eye. You pull it from it's hiding place and pour the contents out onto a rotting mattress. Several used syringes and various knick-knacks tumble out along with an old notepad that looks like some kind of journal.***


All at once the city skyline stretched before me. Smoke rising up in deep black columns against

the darkening sky, mothers cradling new borns streamed through the streets like rats fleeing

from a stricken vessel. The populace heaved and choked on the foul stench of squandered life.

I watched the chaos unfold in picturesque beauty, their downfall bleeding new life into the very

earth they had once claimed as their own.

All this pain, do they not see this moment for what it really is..?

The planet has spat out this bitter poisoned seed, too long have the efforts of humanity drained

it of it's lifeblood.

This wondrous affliction cares not it's prey. Watch the towers fall.

***Some pages have been torn out leaving only the scrawling in the margin***

I listen to the sound between my heartbeats, a split second of nothingness. My veins dormant for

the briefest of times. If only my moments of clarity would bring with them more than just a


The corpse of a beggar woman spoke a name to me today, between the heartbeats.

What did she think I was going to do? Why would she think I have a care for what she has to say?

Someone must have told the dead my name, their bleating chorus' haunt my every step.

Can they only speak names? Do their rotted brains grasp only to this simple concept in their

terrible cry for an end to their miserable existence?

I know what they want from me now but why should I pander to them?

No. It makes me feel better to watch them suffer. Their whole existence is lived between the

beats and they want my help?

I've decided to change my name. I want them to stop.

It worked! They wander aimlessly without a word. Now I have power over them and I see them for

what they truly are, their conceited lies were clouding my vision, I must continue following my

steps as I planned.

A man saw me crossing the marshes late last night and called to me, at first I thought the dead

might have found out my new name but when I caught a glimpse of him through the brush I could

clearly see he was still alive. He wasn't living between beats like me, I could tell.

How can I continue with my plans with these distractions? There are more and more of them every

day! It gets ever more difficult to avoid their prying eyes now the dead have gone.

I think I've been followed this past few days. It has been months since the destruction of the

old ways and now they seek to re-inter me into the machine. I know it.

I doubled back on them under cover of darkness and pressed my body flat between two grain silos

as they approached. I couldn't make out what they were saying but it was definitely Russian like

the others. Like those doctors.

I know they've found me. I'm no longer safe here and it's just a matter of time.

I've concocted a plan to see me though this, everything else will just have to wait.

I should have known I would be tested again before I can get what I want.

They got what was coming to them. I had never thought how much the heart fights to beat, I

stayed with one of them until her eyes frosted over. At the end moment she was mumbling

something, I assume it was some sort of prayer. I can't shake the feeling from the back of my

mind that she was sharing her experience with some fictitious deity as well as myself.

I can't stop thinking about my stolen opportunity.

A breakthrough today 614 seconds! I don't know why I didn't think of this before,

It seems obvious now but it could just have easily not come to me at all.

Unfortunately I've been forced to roam far from the basement in search of them.

I suppose I have *her* to thank for it really, I wonder what her god would make of that?

I'm growing sick of these cretins roaming the coast, why do they insist on their rediculus

infighting? Luckily they rarely move at night but I'm really beginning to stretch my limits going

so far afield.

I nearly got caught. A group of armed thugs caught sight of me in one of the further out towns.

they chased me though the streets and I got myself cornered, all I remember is my heart racing.

How dare they. Unbelievably, just when I thought there was no way out, another man darted from

behind a building and must have been mistaken for me. I can't let that happen again, far too


I'm sure I'm making solid progress but I've been experiencing semi-regular blackouts from this

batch and it has proven impossible to know the count.

I'm sure it has to do with the ageing sample but it would be far too dangerous to repeat that

again. I don't know what to do, with the dead gone I've found myself searching for days to find

any usable materiel, I suppose this time I should thank the locals for their warring ways.

Found a great example last night, this new batch is surely going to be better.

Unbelievable! All this time!

It must have been the sample.

I had run further out than I usually ever go and was just turning to head back when I heard the

shots. He was unconscious when I got there but his pulse was more than strong enough for me to

take the sample between his beats. I was pressed for time, didn't really know if anyone was

still around so I didn't wait like before. It makes perfect sense, I had just been thinking from

the end backwards. Typical.

This is it! This is what I've been working for all this time. I can feel myself becoming part of

it all. I've reached almost a full hour now, it's not ideal but it proves I'm on to something.

It proves what I've always known to be true.

I've been using too much I know, the blackouts are less frequent now though, they have been replaced by a sort of waking dream state. I know I will have to venture out again soon to resupply but I can feel my body already rejecting the small amount of food I ingested two days ago. It is becoming clear that once I reach my goal I will never have to eat anything ever again. But for now, I have to rely on their muck.

I don't want to leave but I'm running out. I think I'll wait out the speed-up period here first.

I know I'll be weak but I've still got those weapons.

It has been getting worse out there though, maybe the front on approach isn't the best course of action. I'll have to get creative.

It's been far too long without even a chance. I even slept away from the basement two nights in a row waiting for an opportunity. Nothing.

My whole body is aching and my metabolism is returning to normal. I need it soon.

An opportunity missed today. I met a young man searching though one of the school houses

not too far off. He turned the same corner just as I did. It had been so long since I actually even thought about talking to them I stood there stunned.

He asked if I was aright and treated me as normally as you like, I couldn't believe my ears!

He even asked me if I wanted to check the next few buildings together.

When he was comfortable enough and his back was turned I readied to strike a fatal blow but to my astonishment, at that moment, he asked for my name.

Usually I would never even consider it, knowing the power these things hold but whatever withdrawals my system was going though forced the words out.

Gerdun Kain. I blurted it out. GEDRUN KAIN!

I don't know what happened next, there are flashes but mostly just still images in my mind of the moonlight flashing between the trees as I run, my heart racing.

I've made my decision. I'm going to have to re-locate if I ever want to have a chance at finishing my work. Maybe if I can stomach talking to them I could make things easier on myself.  I'm in no fit state for a direct confrontation but next time I won't let opportunity slip though my fingers. I've waited this long. These movements require considerable planning.

I still feel the pull of the basement. It's been several days and I've been travelling by night.

I've seen movement and overheard a few conversations but have yet to work up the courage to come forward. I have to make sure they are the right people. This is imperative.

I've been working on several personas I think may help to ingratiate myself with them. I'm still avoiding any Russians, maybe one of them would recognise me.

It was easier than I thought. I made no moves but I travelled with a party of three for a few hours last night. They suspected nothing. I can feel my faculties ebbing back as my body clears the last of the serum from it's self. I understand the cycle now. I need a constant supply.

I'll go out again tonight. I'm certain this is the right course, it's probably the only way I'll ever manage it. It's perfect in a way, beautiful in conception yet simple in construction.

Surely it will take time to accomplish but what have I got but time now?

I still relish the state, but I can overcome such feelings with will power. I even forget when I'm acting my part. First I'll learn their names and they will be rendered powerless, I can live between the beats as I walk amongst them, always without their knowing. They will never know my true name until the end.


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