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Fluffy Knight

Artorias Behälter's Last Story

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*Journal entry found near a dead UN Peacekeeper's body.*

[align=left]Oct. 23 2014

[align=left]When I was first smuggled in to report this story I did not even think that I would be scarred from what I would see. I had done reports in the middle of warzones and watched people shot, killed, and even bombarded. This however was something much different. This wasn't some serial killer going through a small town or rioting, it's not even a god damned fight. What I saw was a massacre, people running scared, being tackled and eaten right there in the middle of the street. Limbs ripped off the bodies, ones you thought were dead just stand up like everything was fine and next thing you know pouncing on the next person he, she or it even sees. I can still hear the screams happening, I could of helped some people too. No, instead I just tried to get out of there, I ran. It's all I did. Lucky for me I'm gonna be getting out of here and my army buddies are gonna be waiting at the meet up for me. I got the "big" scoop I came for and even if the fucks at BBC don't report it, I won't care. I am quitting this and just going back to live with my family in Cape May. I don't even know why I keep writing this, not like at this point some one is gonna find my journal and make a movie out of it. THIS IS THE END. At least for this place and probably everywhere near it. 

Artorias Behälter

[align=left]Side Note: Tell me what you think, I don't write very often, but joining this community and seeing the creativity here. It gave me the inspiration to write something that would have been found in Arty's Journal before the apocalypse. I might even revise it or right other things that were found in the journal.

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