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James Bonluff's Journal 12/??/15 - ... (RET-CONNED)

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*There is no date on this page. There are drops of blood all over.*

Back on the coast. In Solnichney. I don't know if I can go much further... Keep passing out... Chest hurts...




The sunrise is beautiful today...





* The next page  is untouched by blood.*

12 / 10 / 15

Hello, dear reader. My name is  B  L  U  E . . .

James... I protected him for a long time. I killed for him, for a long time.

Up until now... He showed me that his kindness towards others could keep him alive...

Now look what it got him...

B U L L E T S . . . B R U T A L I T Y . . . A N D  A  P O O L  O F  H I S  O W N  B L O O D . . .

I thought Merry Weber could take my place for a time. Teach him how to do my job... Give me time to rest and even... G O      A   W     A     Y...

But, you deviated from routine James. You traveled off the route I gave you. Y O U  W E N T  A W A Y ...

The first few times I thought it was good for you. See new things. Meet new people. But of course,  B L U E    K N O W S      B E S T...

I always know best. And to prove that, I'm taking my turn.

I'll have my pound of flesh...

I will make us S T R O N G E R...  I will make us I M M O R T A L...

Now.... To those of you that find this journal... T H E  S K Y  I S  L O O K I N G    B    L     U      E   .   .    .


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