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Fluffy Knight

Hello everyone

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I wanted to leave a friendly hello as I am now apart of the community and will be playing soon. I am not extremely good at RP, but I will do my best and will have a fun experience with you all!

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Welcome Fluffy!

I hope you'll have a great time here.

A couple of advises would be to not start of as a bandit if you are not secure with your RP capacities just yet.

The other advise is to watch and learn from others.

Good luck!

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Well welcome dude!! If you have any questions contact a Community Helper (Guys with the orange name) Or hop into Teamspeak and join the Helpdesk and talk to a Community Helper. I hope you enjoy it here. :D

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Guest hotblack


Just wanted to say hello because I just started playing on the forums and was already met very warmly (I was cooked and eated.)

See you in the game!


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Welcome Fluffy! You've joined at a good time with the new patch just coming out. There are various guides and tutorials on the forums that will help you to perfect your role play. Check out the Newcomer's Guide HERE. Another good place to scour is the Guides and Tutorials MegaThread found HERE. This is a gold mine of good information on many different topics, especially roleplay.

Always feel free to come to the Helpdesk in TeamSpeak. Any of us are glad to answer questions and help. Also remember to post in another thread besides here and the Off Topic forums. You have 30 days to do this so your account stays active.

Have fun! :)

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