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Norman Casey: The Toe-Taker of Chernarus

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Chapter 1: The Bathroom

Norman pulled up the zipper on his dark blue jeans. He glared impatiently over at the student next to him, a Junior by the name of Jacob Wallace. "Never could there be a more annoying person"  Thought Norman to himself. Running his hands to his backside to pull his pants up, Norman slid his hand across his sharpened pencil, and looked back over at Jacob. He couldn't help but notice the excessive amount of freckles on Jacob's face... the excessive amount of pride and confidence for nothing more than a redneck wearing camouflage. Norman thought back to earlier that day, when Jacob had him in a headlock. The thought of lack of control seized Norman before he realized that he had the sharpened pencil in hand. Norman couldn't help but peer at Jacob when he glanced back.

"What are you lookin' at?"  Jacob inquired Norman.

"Someone who lacks in size for both brains and balls. Get out of my face..."  

Jacob smirked and lunged for Norman's head, getting him between his arm and torso. Norman struggled to get out of it. Jacob's arms were like a Venus Flytrap, and Norman was the insect. The adrenaline and tension of the situation made Norman blind to the pencil he still had at hand.

He gazed at the pencil for a few seconds before cramming the pencil into Jacob's stomach. The headlock was immediately broken as Jacob glared down at his stomach, dumbfounded. Norman envisioned Julius Caesar infront of him, and Norman himself as Casca. Twenty-two stabs left to go...

One after the other, he kept stabbing. After every incision, the life from Jacob's eyes drained further and further. The twenty-third stab was when Norman stopped. He slowly inspected the body, starting with the stomach. The bathroom was like a desolate desert. No one else was there.

The bell shrieked, signaling the end of the day. Norman hastily shuffled out of the bathroom, with a emotionless look on his face, but a desperate look in his eyes...

[spoiler=OOC]I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. I plan to continue to write this in a book style by adding a chapter every day. I hope the end result to be around twenty chapters or so... Please vote in the poll and give me your feedback because I would like to improve my writing. Thanks.

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ah shit soz Donut I voted no on accident. I had fun reading it m9

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hi norman khasey how r u doin

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This was a great read. Keep em coming man :)

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Chapter 2:  Before Flight to Chernarus

Regret and repent overcame Norman as he stepped foot into his house. Sweat dripped down his face like a sprinkler watering a lawn. His mother rounded the corner as soon as he stepped foot in the door.

"How was it at school today, Normie?"  His mother inquired curiously.

"Y-yeah. Alright, I guess. I'm very tired... and... Lightheaded, is all..."  Norman replied.

He shakily set foot on the bottom step of his stairs, and calmly moved up the stairs to his bedroom. He opened the door and at the same time his eyes met the luggage, he remembered that that Friday night, Norman and his parents were to be going on a three day vacation to Chernarus.

Two hours later... Norman and his family (Which included: Norman, his mother Hannah, his father Jonas, and his brother Taggart) were in the family sedan and headed straight for the Logan International Airport.

"Ah... Ready for the flight, guys?"  Announced Jonas in his relatively gruff voice, to which Taggart rolled his eyes...

After all the bag-checking and metal detection, Norman set foot on the plane, found his seat, and sat down.

"Three days... I've got three days to figure out how I'm gonna explain this to the cops..."  He thought to himself.

A long sigh accompanied these thoughts, as he sat back, and closed his eyes. The plane began to take off. In the darkness of his eyelids, he saw an image of Jacob's face, as he was being murdered by Norman...

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Chapter 3: Touchdown at NEAF

The plane had landed on the civilian airfield known as North-East Airfield, abbreviated NEAF. There wasn't much to the runway nor the airfield as a whole. The landing gear screeched against the pavement louder than a V3S's engine. Once the plane had come to a stop, the Casey family stepped off the stairs and onto a small section of the airfield.

A cool wind breezed through Norman's hair. It was cool outside, probably around 60 degrees Farenheit. The Caseys walked inside the NEAF Terminal to be greeted by a Chernarussian Airport Employee who didn't speak the greatest English.

"Egh... Hello... How you do today? Welcome to great country Chernarus!"

The employee said with great pride and a smile that curved like a rattlesnake. 

Norman couldn't decide what was worse... His English or his accent...

After a short conversation between Jonas Casey and the Chernarussian Terminal Worker, the Caseys stepped foot outside to a cab waiting to transport the family to a hotel in the town of Novodmitrovsk.

By this point, Norman's thoughts of the bathroom incident were in the back of his mind. In the front, the thought of relaxation and to enjoy some freedom before he went back to the states to - more than likely - be arrested.

Five hours later...


The Chernarussian Police were banging down the door of the Casey Apartment as they were just settling in. The sound of the wood on the door cracking as they beat at the it was as loud as a train horn. Norman knew who they were there for...

"Zastavit! Ruce se nyni! BUDU STRILET!"

Norman didn't understand what they were saying. Not one of the Caseys did. Norman, along with the rest of the family had their hands held high in the air, as they didn't know what was going on... They were about as confused as they were scared... That's when a relatively fit Chernarussian Police Officer wearing a higher-up uniform stepped foot into the scene.

"Anglitsky? Norm-... Norman Casey? You... eh... are under the arrest of the Novodmitrovsk Police Department, and... ey... you will be moved to more secure location before we prepare to move... ehy... you back to United Americas... Yes?"

"Wh-... No. This isn't right. You have to have the wrong guy... I-"

Before he could finish what he wanted to say, he was being aggressively pushed out by what looked like younger rookie police officers. Norman caught one last glance at his family, before being pushed out the room, down the stairs, out of the building and toward the police car...

Two Hours Later...

The hours that followed being placed under arrest were at the least horrifying for Norman. What would happen? What could they do? What were they allowed to do to you in a foreign country?  Suddenly, he had an appreciation for the American Police.

The yellow and white police car pulled over on the side of the road, overlooking the coast. On the shore, a shabby and not really well made boat was visible with an older man ready to take Norman across. Five hundred meters away rested an island. It looked like something out of The Shawshank Redemption. Atop the island lay many middle ages type buildings. This had to be where they keep people waiting to go back to the US... It had to be. 

Atleast... that's what Norman kept making himself think...

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Nice work, bud.

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Guys, from now on, if you vote no or post a reply saying "it's bad", tell me why it's bad, how I can improve.

Also, despite the amount of "No" votes and how it's catching up to the "Yes" votes... I will still continue to write. Bear in mind that the first few chapters are slow and don't have much to do with the RP, so give it a chance. We'll get to the zombies eventually...

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Chapter 4: The Austellus Riot

The boat hit the shore like it was Normandy, except there were no gunshots. Instead, prisoners yelling and guards standing in towers. Norman was moved up the 

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