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My name is George Jeans. And I am in trouble.

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Entry Five.

After sleeping for what felt like three days I decided that I would head back to Stary Sobor, see if I could meet up with anyone. Maybe trade for some sterile bandages. Before I left the house I was hunkered down in though I found a Winchester Rifle hidden under one of the beds. I took it with me for trade.

 When I arrived in Stary I had another look in the medical center. Turns out last time I was here I missed a morphine and Epinephrine. Still no bandages though. As I was preparing to leave I heard people talking. There was a group of three or four ChernoRussians talking to a Scott, I think. It sounded pretty tense so I took up a position so I could tend  to the wounded if things turned sour. One of the group spotted me though, and...politely suggested that I leave town. I dropped the rifle and high tailed it. I'm not getting killed for some loud mouth Scott. Decided to follow the road to Kabanino, see what the situation is there today.

Entry Six

When I arrived at Kabanino the place seemed pretty empty. When I got to the fountain  I ran into two survivors, one man one woman. I asked them about  medical supplies but they seemed hesitant to trade. They left a fire burning though, so I decided to warm up. As I was deciding on my next move a man and woman entered the building. The man wasnt much of a talker, but the woman introduced herself. Chloe, she was called. She seemed nice, soft spoken, polite. I traded her some charcoal tablets for the last of my powdered milk. She looked famished, I'd have given her the milk for free. But at least this was I got some more meds. She also asked me to collect some blood from her, an insurance policy in case of emergency. Shes smart, I do the same thing.

 Now we're just talking about how many political factions are active in Chernarus, something I need all the help I can get with. She seemed shocked that I'd been in the wilderness for so long, and explained that Kabanino was called New Paris now, apparently. I guess I really have been out of the world for too long...

Entry Seven.

Oh god, things turned sour so quickly! One minute I'm talking with Chloe, the next we're rushed by an armed gang. Demanded we dropped our guns. I wasnt going to fight them, I'd have gotten us both killed! They meant business. Apparently they needed a Doctor, one of their friends was injured and they heard me talking to Chloe about being an EMT before the fall. I told them to take me straight to him, but they took me and Chloe upstairs into a defendable room. Made me tie her up with duck tape. Poor girl, she was already feeling light headed from the blood drawing; and she was only there because of me. This is why I stayed in the wilderness for so long! Two days back in the world and I've already got a girl taken hostage because of me! And their leader kept threatening Chloe, using her to keep me in check no doubt. Dirty trick... I did everything I could think of to keep her alive. She wasnt going to die because of me! Fortunatly some loud mouth hero outside distracted our captors. He got himself taken too. And they... they shot him. Right there in front of me! I didnt even have time to try stop them! The bullet knicked the femoral artery... I couldnt save him, there was too much blood. If I'd had some clamps, a nurse, maybe I could have done something... But I couldnt... There was nothing I could do for him...

 After that they moved us. They ran us through fields to what looked like an old pub. They told me to set up shop upstairs and get ready for a patient. They've got Chloe downstairs now, they're making her make food. The leader, he sounded British, southern maybe, strip searched Chloe, but dam did she keep her cool and match him wit for wit. She's a fighter. I'm just waiting now, for this patient they're bringing me. I dont know what I can do, I'm just a paramedic! I do triage, not treatment! I just hope to God whatevers wrong with their friend was covered in my training...

Entry Eight.

I've been freed. I treated their friend. He had a crossbow bolt through his left arm. The barb was poking out the other side. It was pretty nasty. The injured mans name was Aloj, not sure on the spelling but thats how it sounded. He was fine, remove the barb, bandage him up and morphined him up, He was on a real trip. It was only after I was done that I realised I hadnt heard Chloe in a while. When they freed me they said shed been freed already, but there was something in their voices... I didnt want to push my luck with them, they'd kill me as soon as talk to me. But I couldnt shake the feeling that something bad had happened to Chloe... Becuse of me. She was just caught in the crossfire, they didnt even need her! So I managed to find my way back to New Paris, hoping she'd have made her way there too, but there was no sign of her. There was no sign of anyone, they place was dark and deserted.

 As I made my way to the building we were taken from I ran into a couple of guys who explained after me and Chloe were taken hostage most people fled town. We started a fire, and as people started to trickle back into town I asked around; but no one has seen her. I've got to find out what happened to her, she could be wounded or dead bacuse of me. And I cant face Helena and Oscar if she dies because of me. I've spent so long hiding out in the wastes to avoid getting attached to people, and now this happens. I've just got to find out. She might need me.

//At this stage my session was cut short by my internet crapping out. Such a shame because I had a really good thing going on! Once again, any thoughts or feedback appreciated.

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Pretty good read, keep up the good work!

I wish I would've recorded some of my first encounters like this!

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Good read buddy. Sorry we had to take you, Clapton really needed a doctor.

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Good RP today man really enjoyed it.

You will never find out what I did to Chloe :P

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Yeah I really wish my rig was up to recording DayZ. Did some recording on Arma Life before but DayZ doesn't play nice on my PC haha!

No apologies necessary gentlemen, last night was absolutely top. Best encounter in DayZ so far. But I'm going to track her down, George Jeans is on the case haha!

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