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Planning to come back, what's new?

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It's been quite some time since I played, I know it was at least earlier this past year. Wasn't really a very well known person but I met a few cool people in my time, namely Yadiddle/Stone Rogness. I also participated in a pretty nail biting firefight with some Red Berets at Pogorevka along with some various other smaller things during that time. I also remember some odd cannibal group (or at least everyone thought they were cannibals) called The Family that were freaky as hell, used to show up at GM every once in awhile.

So, what's new?

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Welcome back Brandon! It's hard to cover everything that may have happened in the time you were gone. I'd suggest pouring through the forums, reading announcements and discussion threads. Those will be your best bet to find out all the cool things you've missed :)

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