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So its being a little while since I joined this awesome community (I think 2 or 3 months not sure exactly) and some people told me that my original Back story of my character could not work with the current lore of Dayz. So in this thread I will write my new Backstory.

My name is Marco Cappadona, Im a 25 years old French-Italian Canadian that was born in Montreal, Canada. My familly moved to a little island called Lemnos to live closer to the sea and relaxe. It is a Greek island but I didn't learned that language because I knew I would not stay there for too long (I lived there one or two years before moving in Chernarus. My father was the Don of a French-Mafia back in Montreal. One reason why my father moved us to Lemnos was to escape all the crimes and bad influence of the Mafia world. Back then I was about 20 years old and my father asked me.... well kinda forced me in the Mafia to torture those who needed to be tortured. At first I didn't wanted to do it because I am not the kind of guy that will use  violence as soon as he can. I will try to talk my way before using violence. So I have a past in fighting and weapons but Im not a really good fighter. I moved to Chernarus to try to escape even more that Mafia world that was slowly catching up to my father. I moved in Electro and lived there for two years before the outbreak happened. Once the outbreak heppened I moved more up north towards Vybor and the military airfield to get some military gear to get protection. Then I met a familly that changed my life in every way....

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