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James Bonluff's Journal 11/??/15 - 12/3?/15

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Uugh. Been too long since I've written anything down in this thing. Lots of things happening. People just seem to be popping out of the woodwork. Can't find the safe time to write things down. To keep track of everything.

So uh, I think it's sometime after Thanksgiving. Still getting colder so winter is definitely not over yet. At least the Ghillie that Merry and I made keeps me pretty warm. On that topic I keep finding myself wearing more and more camo. It's a bit weird, but also kinda badass. I dunno, it doesn't really feel like me i guess. Would much rather just wear some normal clothing. Reminds me of the times before all this.


Been trying to find what Merry calls a smersh vest and backpack. Went reeeally far off the route and routine. West...

Didn't find the vest, but there a few small backpacks that fit the description. Still couldn't take them though. The ghillie wouldn't work nearly as well plus I think it's a bit more valuable that a tiny little bag. I pick my way back to the coast.

Jesus.... I got to the edge.... I knew they were trying to keep us in, but the sheer wasteland that's been created to make sure nothing sneaks out... It's incredible. I go back into the woods before I get sniped by a border guard. Heh.

Lost in the woods. Found a tent. Replaced my current jacket for theirs. Worked better with the Ghillie. Left a note saying sorry.


Sunrise. Still near the edge, but safely away. I exited the woods near a gas station just east of the border. Truck there too, Merry will like that. He told me he likes to build and tinker. Just need to gather parts and somehow get them there...

Found a radio along the way back east. Managed to get a hold of Merry. Met up in... Pasta? Pusta? Whatever it's called. Got to catch up for a bit.

Merry has been teaching me about what he calls "fishing". It sounds....fun I guess. Basically waiting at the police station for hours waiting for someone to come along. It's boring to say the least, but he says the payoff can be more than worth it if you're in a pinch for food and such.

As we discuss the truck over some fresh water from the fountain some guy pops outta nowhere. Starts chatting us up. He's nice. Got a sniper rifle on his back so being this close means he doesn't want to kill us.... yet?

We travel together for a bit. Settle in for the night in a small group of houses by a small lagoon. Merry is more jumpy than usual. Started shooting at ghosts in the treeline. Heh. I thought I was supposed to be the.... no. I'm not crazy... Heh... definitely not. Crazy people kill... I've killed nobody. Nobody. No body. No bodies..........Blue keeps me alive. He's the killer...Er...Guardian. Yeah...

*There are multiple lines through the last lines of text, but they're still readable.*

Mikeal... Micheal.. Mike? ... 's friend arrived. Dude is kiiiiiiitted out. M4 and plenty more. Could have lit us up easily. Thankfully not. Heh...dodged a bullet there. Thankfully Merry kept his shit together... for a bit.

Apparently as we were walking Merry was getting jumpy again. Accidentally pointed his gun at the guys back. They start confronting him. Sky is looking blue...dark blue... I can feel my feet carrying me into the shadows. Bolt cocking. Round chambering.

And they've decided to let him off with a warning. No violence. Sky is more black than blue tonight I suppose. Safety on. Unprime. Put away. Back into the torchlight.

Settle down, call it a night.

11/??/15 ...... 12/1? 2?/15

Days back on the route. Calmed nerves after the last entry. We holed up in a castle for a bit later that night. Was kinda fun. Merry damn near broke his legs. Woodland magic to the rescue. Whipped up a splint to keep him going.

Anyway. It's amazing to be back in the routine. Check the mail. Visit the neighboring villages and houses from Tulga. Neighbors are good. Nothing out of the ordinary. Everything where it should be. Wonderful crisp days.

To elektro! To finish the sweep and.... fuck the bushrag broke. Uuuuuugh. Oh well, still enough material to put on the Mosin though. It'll work for now.

Settle into the apartment overlooking the waterfountain. Sleep....


Wake up to voices. Two women at the fountain. I go down to meet em. They're good people. Glad I called out first before approaching. I'm thankful too, one of em had a fully loaded AK.

.. Turns out she barely knew how to use it. The quiet one is the one that 'handles' things apparently. Don't see any weapons on her though. Probably in the vest.

They're traveling north to meet a friend. I offer to provide overwatch on the trip. Might as well put this rifle to good use.

North again. Almost the same route I was on back when Merry and I ran into that weird dude. Learn a bit of the history of the towns when it all went down. Lots of bloodshed apparently. And not from the infected. Military cleansing it seems. Knock knock bullet bullet...

We meet up with their friend. Funny German guy. I like him. Quirky. He and the women chat for a bit before we keep going. No idea where we are. Haven't been in this stretch of land before. I'm ancy to say the least. Apparently there's more to their group...and we're going to meet them..........

Shouldn't be more than ten they say. Not too bad....still a lot of people to keep an eye on. Lot of guns that could be pointed maaaany different ways. Keeping my head on a swivel.

Gradually meet them as we get into the next town. Nice people. Thankfully. Aaaaaand of course it equates to slightly more than 10. Thankfully I know some of the guns though and the people holding em. Fairly safe.

Turns out the guy whose tent I stumbled on was in the group. Name was Ender. No hard feelings. Turns out I was still wearing his jacket too. Got a good laugh out of that. Long day and sliiightly frayed nerves. Gonna hit the hey. I tell em how to find me when I'm back on the route and routine. Just in case they're gone by the time I'm awake again.


Been a rough few days.Coast has been damn near silent. Same with Tulga. Get the feeling something nasty is coming. It's been way too easy for far too long. Gonna head inland to see if I can catch the French Foreign Legion. I ran into one of their privates not long ago in Novy I think. Tried to help him and his crew against "rats". Turned out all right. They say I should visit their settlement sometime.


Found my way back there. Hunkered down in the Novy church for a short bit. Met a guy who called himself Jack. Creeeepy dude, but from what I could gather he was a good person who has just seen a lot of shit. Poor bastard.He eventually wandered off and I continued to Starry.

Got robbed by some weirdos. They just wanted food, so I was fine with tossing them a bag of rice. No skin off my bones. Shortly after ran into a military squad, not the FFL. Shots fired not far off. They book it. I sneak off to try and find more food.

And of course I'm held up again. Two fake sounding russians. I play along, but since I'm out of food they think they're just going to eat me instead. Where the actual fuck is Blue when you ne.... *The rest of the page is blotted out with blood.*

*next page, slightly tinted red* ...Fuck. Getting shot hurts a lot more than I thought it would. Vision's going black n white. Can't tell if the sky is blue, red, or anything. Not sure I'm making it out of this... Gotta get back to the coast. Everything is so heavy... Back soon. Need to focus on walking...

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