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Guest Kenji

-Health and safety announcement-

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Guest Kenji

*The Radio comes alive with the sound of a man speaking with a thick Japanese accent.*

Attention people of chernarus.

There is a virus going around. 

Most likely something along the lines of influenza.

I have already had over 6 cases.

*He has a short pause.*

So to prevent getting ill, wash your hands each time you stop to drink at a well, if you can find some use soap.

Have a varied diet. Try and find good sources of protein, like fish caned bacon ect.

Stay as dry and warm as you can. And avoid close contact with strangers or those you know feel ill.

*Another short pause.*

If you do get ill you need to drink plenty of fluids and try to keep down some food.

If you have one , use a thermometer to check your temperature every 6 hours.

If the temperature gets over 39.4 you reach the realm where you need to start cooling yourself down.

For the American survivors it is a temp of 103.

Anything above that is cause for concern.

If you get sick and there are complications or if you have questions please contact me on my medical frequency.

That is ... 89.3.

Stay safe and stay healthy.    

*The radio clicks off *

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* Sean hears a familiar voice describing an infection, he flicks on the radio *

He ... Hey, judging by your knowledge of the infection i could do with a little bit of help. Recently i have bee ... Been acting really weird and out of the ordinary, i am constantly twitching and i have random bursts of crying and laughing, its like my mind is controlling itself.

* He begins to cry out of the blue *

I have spoke with a Mr Tony Brown, a civilian Paramedic but i thought'd i raise it with a more professional doctor. If you ca ... can help me doc, that would be great ... I'll see what i can give you in re ... return.

* Static can be heard as the transmission ends *

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