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Jason Rider

Day 2 - Terry Sanders

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"So, here I am again. This is Terry Sanders, day two of updates.

Not long after my first update, I made my way through Chernarus, not encountering anyone for quite a while until I arrived at Kabanino, where there were a lot, and I mean A LOT, of people in this one paticular town. I must admit, it was pretty insane seeing that many people in one place at one time. There were also quite a few groups floating around as well. I was informed at the time that it was the French Foreign Legion that occupied and "basically" controlled the town. But there were few that would talk to me, until I met a man named Mal. This man informed me and helped me all the way through Kabanino, where I hardly knew what was happening at the time. He showed me around, helped me find the well and I told him I appreciated it, but there was one more favour I had to ask of him. During this time, I asked him if I could join him, as I had no-one to watch my back and he was the only person that was actually helping me. After a bit of consideration, he told me it was fine with him, but I had to meet the other people of the group first off.

So there we were, a group of four to five people standing and looking at me, judging me as I told them my story, god I had not been that nervous in a very long time. All of them seemed cool with me tagging along with them, that's when I met, who I had assumed, was the leader of their group, Nik. Now, at first I was fairly nervous, after all it was potentially him that would choose whether or not I could go with them, but after we talked for a while, he said I seemed like a good guy, so he agreed to me tagging along with them. I was ecstatic, I talked to everyone else in the group and they all seemed very chilled out. 

So, after we left Kabanino, we met up with a man who I not seen before and I had not guessed was in our group. His name was Seymour, and he was one tough son-of-a-gun, and from the moment I met him, I knew I had to get on his good side. This happened fairly fast as I helped him with some "things" we had to do to a slave trader. Let me say it was not pretty, but it had to be done. We made our way up to the leftovers of a small castle and rested up, and this is where I've been recording this from. These guys are pretty good people, and so far, I have had no reason to not trust them. 

This is Terry Sander, signing off from day two."

*Again, leave any comments/suggestions or feedback in the comments! :)

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