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Lenka Malikova's Journal

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The Bazhenov estate has been left to my care as of two days ago by the graying entrepreneur,

Kondrat Bazhenov.

I am to take care of all rooms of the manor, water the plants within and outside of the manor, trim said plants within and outside the manor, and take notes of any visitors who happen to come to the estate. I am not to let anyone in at the moment, only receive messages for the Bazhenov family until their return.

One such message was from one of Mister Anton Bazhenov’s friend, which reads.

“They (The soldiers) already got pushed back to Miroslav’l. Shit's getting rough out there, and we need to fucking leave. Get back to me soon.”

He then remarked on me personally, before giving me a pistol with its accompanying magazines, and a box of ammunition.

It seems that Martin thought I would need the gun.

I dare not question how he obtained it at his age.

I’ve kept it loaded by my bedside.

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IrishGhost    2

This seems like an interesting concept, I will be looking forward to more chapters for this character :)

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I could hear gunshots in the distance, so I took it upon myself to board the windows up around the manor. 

Thankfully I had enough plywood to complete this task because of the expansion to make a room for another Bazhenov.

Any of the important plants have been brought inside, or transplanted to the back of the estate, as to not sacrifice my safety in order to take care of them.

It would be worth noting that several people have passed by as I worked on the house, but none seemed eager to talk, or stay for long.

No new messages have been left for the Bazhenovs as of late.

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Mister Kondrat Bazhenov has finally returned with the rest of the family, and several armed men.

Mister Kondrat took the pistol I got from Martin, and handed it to his wife, Miss Juliana, who seems to have an injury on her right shoulder.

I relayed the message I got to Mister Anton, who then told Mister Roman, his younger brother, about it. They both told Mister Kondrat, who in turn sent two of the armed men, along with the brothers, out to find Mister Martin.

Little Alice decided to come see me, and tell me of their adventure, which seemed to involve kind men, and large loud things. I am going to assume they were rifles.


Despite being unarmed, I think this is the safest place to be.

Not that I had much else to go to.

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