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Jason Rider

Day 1 - Terry Sanders

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Day One - 12:00pm

"This is Terry Sanders, if you find this recording, I have probably met my demise in this god-forsaken wasteland. I have found this handheld recorder to.. well... record all my travels and encounters.

Today, I found myself in Elektrozavodsk, a major city on the coast of Chernarus. My experience here was pretty much uneventful, there were hardly any supplies around and the place looked deserted. But... As I was searching a two story house for supplies, a woman by the name of... Lanka... had ran in behind me and scared me half to death, fortunately she was a friendly person in search for supplies as well. I told her that Elektro was deserted with next to nothing here, I gave her a spare canteen and was on my way fairly quickly.

I started running east toward Kamyshovo, hoping there were more supplies there, and by god was I right. There was so much food that I couldn't carry all of it, but that wasn't the strangest part. I found a backpack, one that I had desperately needed, but it had a note in it. As I read the note, it had been left by a person named Webber, stating that he had wanted to start over and be friendlier whilst in Kamyshovo, this had made me uneasy. I scouted out the Police Station where he had stated he was living, and had entered with caution but had found no signs of life or activity. As I left and searched more houses, I had found more and more notes by this Webber person, but they became more and more threatening with each one that I found. I left that town as soon as I possibly could. This Webber person seems uneasy and perhaps dangerous. I had better watch my back from here on out.

This is Terry, signing off for the first time today."

*Feel free to leave comments/suggestions and feedback!

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Interesting, I would like some more detail as well. Good luck with more of this character, will be waiting for more.

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