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The radio buzzes to life as Synthesis tries to dial up onto the correct frequency...

"Cmon... This can't be too hard..."


A long hum can be heard now. She figured it out, finally...

"H- Hello..? Um, is anyone.. Out there..? Oh God, I damn-well hope Emmrich and the other don't hear this...

She waits,

"I... I didn't like how... How our... "Meetup" ended... And I have a strong... Feeling... You will come after me..."

She waits once more,

"So-- So I figure I should... Make it easier for both... Parties..."

Her voice goes dimmer

"I'm willing to... Turn myself in.. Essentially... I'm wanting to do this so... If you ever did find me again... You wouldn't... Have me 'Departed'...On the spot..."

She takes  a shuddering sigh before saying,

"Please.. Please don't hurt me, or my... Friends... I'll...--"

A final breath is drawn as she makes her final statement,

"I'll do whatever you want..."

A silent click is heard as she flick off the radio. She sits back and waits anxiously for a response.

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Jimmy was sitting at his desk writing in his riddle book when he decided to sit back and take a break. He grabs his radio and started switching though it until he heard Feyh's message. He sat back listening until the message ends. He holds down the button and starts to talk.

"So, you think that turning yourself in will make the problems go away? No your going to just give them control over more people if you turn yourself in. Me and the Lieutenant worked to hard for you to just throw away your freedom Ms. Fate. We need you to be strong and level headed other wise your going to make a horrible mistake."

Jimmy then puts his radio down to the side and starts writing in his book again before pausing and laying his head down on the book trying to get through some writer's block.

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*Logan closes the door behind him as he walks into his kitchen, pulling off his plate carrier and his wet jacket and laying them over the chair to dry. He pulls out his radio, deciding that he could give the frequencies one last look over before he went to sleep. He turns on the radio and slowly starts to turn the dial, switching frequencies to see if any chatter was going on. When he hits 99.9, he hears Feyh's voice come from his radio. When she is done, he lets out a deep sigh and press down on the talk button.*

"Fate... I know how you feel at the moment, and turning yourself in isn't going to solve the problem... *He walks over to the window in his bedroom and moves the blinds, seeing the house she was taking residence in right next to his house.* You not only need to have faith in us to protect you, but also have faith in yourself... You're strong, you got fight in you that will get you through a lot of situations... Like I said before, if anyone comes after you, I'll handle it... Fate... If you need to talk about anything, remember, I'm right next door...

*Logan lets go of the button and lays down on his bed, the springs creaking as he does. He pulls out a beat up, worn blue armband from his pants pocket and holds it in his hands, letting some old memories come back to him.*

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After hearing what the others had to say, she gives a long pause before another crackle crosses upon her radio...

She jumps as the message comes in, as she half-expected for her message to not even reach her...

She grasps the radio tightly in her hands, shaking ever so slightly.

"... Do I... Do I have your word..? Can I... Trust you won't hurt my friends..?"

She waits for a long while before continuing.

An inaudible murmur can be heard in the background before the radio cuts out abruptly.

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**Lt M. Emmrich is listening in now to Logan alerting him. He listens in, hearing the woman. He sighs, cannot believe what he is hearing. He brings the radio up to his mouth.**

*Presses the transmission button.*

"So.... that is how it is for you, whoever you are.... I do not like you. I do not like your kind. I do not like your methods. That is, if what I am hearing is correct. You pray upon the weakest, and then snatch them up for your own dirty ends.... Fate..... you are better than her. When I said you would be welcome among us, I meant it. That also entails the risk of protecting those among us. Even if it is our lives.... so know this before you finish your decisions. We knew that we would have to fight for you, and could even die for that. I knew that the day I promised to get you out of there. I will defend you for as long as I am able. Do not give yourself up for this. Do not give up what you wish to create for this. Just something for you to think about Fate..... LT out."

*Releases the transmission button.*

**Lt M. Emmrich sighs as he leans against the wall. He sure hopes that he got through to the woman, as he doesn't want that type of horror for her. She would not need to, as long as she let them stand by her. He shakes his head, closing his only eye.**

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*Pacing up and down the room, Grisha takes the tuned radio from the desk then walks over to the window.*

"Ok lady, ninety nine point nine just as you asked.....so what is job eh?"

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The radio clicks on suddenly, and Mr Chang claps his hand in glee, and a sharp THUMP can be heard as he smacks Liam on the shoulder.

You got the radio on? Oh my lord, Liam, I knew keeping you around was worth it.


I believe that you shouldn't scare people like that, yes, yes, it is the acopalypse, people are scared shitless as it is.


That girl. Man, it sounds like she is manufacturing girls or whatever. That's freaky.

Oh man, she sounds like she needs help!


And without another word, the radio just clicks off.

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*Sitting down to eat his dinner, Grisha takes out his radio quickly before starting.*

"So, going to make me wait ah? wait hold on.......this is...this is prank is it not?...oh you Americans and your pranks, well I like good laugh but don't waste anymore of mine or my teams time lady. No rush lady....no rush at all right?."

*He chuckles to himself some more before setting down the radio on the table and starting his meal.*

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