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Dr. Rene Sven

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My name is Rene Sven. I am a medical practitioner. After many years of studying and doing everything I can to finish medical school, I finally became a fully fledge qualified doctor. I was a happy man with a job that I loved. I had everything that I ever wanted. The knowledge to help those that injured, sick and weary. I became the man that I always wanted to be, the man that my parents would have been proud of, a man that helps others when they are weak and scared. I remember everyday like it was yesterday. Staying up late studying, trying to make every second count. To ensure that I pass all my exams. I was so exhausted. I became one of the many doctors to leave HMS(Harvard Medical School) with a smile and a lot of pride. After I was done with education, I wanted to do something more ambitious than having to be in a hospital. I signed up for WHO. It took several months for them to finally accept me, but when they did. I couldn't have been happier. I am going to make a difference and help everyone around the world. Well, enough about the past, let's talk about what has happened and what is happening.

I was one of the many doctors that was hired by WHO. I have worked with them for a year. I was deployed with UN troopers on October 22nd. We were overrunned by the infected. There were so much happening at once. Me and a soldier ran away. This man's name was Troy Ambers. He was my protector, my hero. When we fled from Chernogorsk, Troy told me everything will be okay. I believed him. I trusted that he could keep us alive. He wanted to give me his secondary weapon an M1911. I refused to wield a gun. I told him that I am a doctor not a killer. 

-To be continued-

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