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Hey i just tried to join a server and it said i'm not whitelisted? Just hoping someone could fix this for me. 

Thanks in advance.

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Have you by chance been inactive since before early September?

If so, there was a new whitelist system implemented in the beginning of September. When this was added, every existing member had to go through a simple Steam verification in order to stay whitelisted on the new system. Everyone had ample warning and time to do so. Unfortunately if you were inactive, you would've missed this transition and you need to re-whitelist with the new system.  

Does this clear everything up?

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Yes, you'll have to do a new whitelist application. It does not follow the same format as the old system.

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You can use the same backstory and "about me" as before. However, the majority of the test is now multiple choice.

If you have any questions while whitelisting, feel free to PM any Community Helper or come to the "Waiting for Staff Help" channel on TeamSpeak.

With that I will mark this as /solved

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