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No longer white listed after being away for several months?

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So I haven´t been able to play dayz for several months and a couple weeks ago I tried to get on the Dayzrp server. I was whitelisted a long time ago but now its says I am no longer white listed when i try to get on the server. Does anyone know why that is - possibly becasue of my innactivity?

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This was probably because of the change in the whitelist system. Back in September, Steam integration was added to the whitelist, as well with a few other changes. Because of this, older members had to do the Steam integration and there was a hefty grace period set for the older members to update their whitelists. After that grace period ended, all older members who didn't update were forced to re-whitelist.

Unfortunately for you, it seems you are apart of that list. If you were whitelisted a while back but aren't now it is likely because of that. The only thing you can do is go through the whitelisting process again.

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A new whitelist system was introduced a few months ago in which everyone needed to update their accounts. Unfortunately you will need to re-whitelist as all old data was deleted in a wipe.

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There was a new whitelist system a while ago - if you did not update in time - you probably have to go through it again

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There was a new white list system implanted and you unfortunately missed the chance to just update your account. You unfortunately have to re-whitelist.

Do you feel your question has been answered?

Good luck with your application!

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Good luck with your whitelist application! If you have any questions about the whitelist application feel free to come to the helpdesk.

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