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[98.6Hz] Message to the S.Z.N.U ((Private Radio Chatter))


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*radio static fades in, Alex Volkov opens his mouth and begins to speak in his Chernarussian accent*

This message is directed towards the "S.Z.N.U"

My huntsmen are interested in claiming land as 'hunting grounds' and a place of recreation, and we'd like to do this as to let people be aware of our lands, maybe not to claim them, but to let people know this is our home. 

I hope to hear back from you.

*Volkov repeats the message, in Czech*

Tato zpráva je zaměřena na "S.Z.N.U"

Mé lovec mají zájem prohlašovat pozemek jako "honiteb" a místo rekreace, a my bychom chtěli dělat to jako, aby lidé být vědomi našich země, možná ne nároku je, ale aby lidé věděli to je naše domov.

Doufám, že slyším od vás zpátky.

*static fades out, as Alex passes his radio to another huntsmen*

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*Roger listens to the radio transmission, recognizing the voice from an earlier encounter. A static is heard before he begins to speak. *

This is the Secretary speaking.

If your interested in claiming an area as a home, there should be no issues. Either send one of your men to meet with me so we can discuss the location, or I can meet with you where ever its convenient for you. If it is simply the area around a town, the town name will be sufficient. 

You can call it what ever you like, but my only question is do you plan on enforcing any rules or laws there?

I hope I could have been of some service to you regarding your inquiry, I would be happy to answer any further questions you might have. 

*Roger releases his finger off the transmit button, and the radio ceases to crackle.*

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*Stares at his radio questioningly until a Minuteman pushes the button down for him*

"Jesus... what took you so long to help me broadcast Mr. Swart?.... Anyways... Hello there, Mr. Huntsman. We of course would absolutely LOVE to do parley with you. Give us ahh.... a location... maybe a time? And i'll send either myself or the secretary to mmm.... discuss the particulars yes? Maybe... even meet us at ahhh... New Paris, you may have known it once as Kabanino... Let us know will you?"

*Joffrey makes the cut transmission motion to Swart... Swart isn't paying attention so you hear Joffrey get out of the chair and ramble to himself for a few minutes before the broadcasting radio battery dies.*

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*Another huntsmen hears the voices on the radio and passes it back to Alex* 

Uh, no we wouldn't really be enforcing any kind of law there, I suppose not, its somewhere we'd like to keep hold of, and in the hope that no one intends to do anything bad there, so that would be the only kind of rules. 

The town's names are Berezkhi and Svetlojarsk, the area between those towns, including the radio tower, we would like to claim.

*Alex refrains from repeating the message in Czech, after hearing only english in response*

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*Lukeh puts down axe mid way through chopping dense bush East of Novy Sobor, and picks up the radio*

"Following up on the Snipers points, the land that we would like to claim will be a sort of safe zone for coming travellers, I will personally greet them and offer you supplies for your continuing journey, although it will not be my decision whether you stay or not under our hospitality that, that will be down to the Sniper".

"Thank you very much"

"Lukeh Nirkov signing off"

*Lukeh Releases the mic button and picks up the axe and continues chopping*

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*James sits by his tent and grabs his radio from his jacket.

"Roger Leboria? This is Lt. James Morgan of the 2nd Commando Regiment. I found your note inside my tent giving me this frequency. Please get back to me soon so we can arrange a meeting."

*James puts the radio next to him and lays down in the tent.*

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*Hearing the voice of the Lt. over the Radio Roger picks up his radio*

"This is Roger speaking, I've available for a meeting at your earliest convenience, just let me know a time and place and I'll get back to you"

*Roger releases the transmit button, and puts the radio back on his desk*

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