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need help with 15 questions of whitelist form

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I always get the same question and fail it everytime, or if not, i fail only 1 everytime. I already have to wait 24 hours and its getting really frustrating. If you guys could help me doing this, because I always fail one question from the lore, because I never find the answer, or, a question about aggravation

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Hey do not give up read the lore and the rules again

You are also welcome to come on Teamspeak and talk with one from staff Sometimes it helps

of course we can not give you the answer but we can help you to understand the questions

if you come to Teamspeak now I can help you


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When it comes to the lore questions it's not about 'finding' the answer.

It is about reading the lore and understanding it not breezing through to try 

and find the answer to the question. You will gain nothing from doing that as you can 

tell. It is best to just take the time, sit down and read the lore. Trust me it will help you in the long run.

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i am on teamspeak now so come on to teamspeak now and i will help


password: dayzrp


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