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Rate the person's character(s) above you!

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This game is similar to "Rate person above RP" however it's more specific.

So rate the person's above character(s) with information on what you think about their character(s) and what's good about them and what needs improving.

Only reply if you know the person aboves character - these can be current or previous characters.

Ratings go from 1-10


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Well, from what I remember. You had a pretty interesting characters; you kept with Maria even though you knew about faceless. At a time, I thought of your character as just another bandit. However, at my death scene, you pleaded for us. Some damn respect from me.

9/10 for sympathy as bandit rather than ruthless like most.

For reference to whomever will rate me my characters are Blake "Hawk" LeBlanc, Vincent Endorsed, and Casey Halls.

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