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Midnight Jon

To my dear brother Jason..i am so sorry. (AKA Joffrey)

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*Midnight sits on the porch of an abandoned hunting shack, watching the sunset, with only a small fire for company. The heat burning his face*

*shifts away from the fire slightly*

*Deep in thought, riddled with emotion, he tries to make sense of his situation and the recent events that have lead him to this night... *

*I feel..so..ashamed. Guilty...I basically abandoned him.....no..NO! I never abandoned him! I wasn't to know...how could i know?*

*The guilt turns his stomach in knots, holding back a tear he take a long swig from one of the beers he found in the shack, promptly crushes the can and launches it into the tree line.... looks at another for a second...looks away.....reaches for a second can without even looking at it.  ppssst.....gulp, gulp.*

*I did what any man would do in my situation..ye...thats right..i'm not a coward....FUCK!!..who am i kidding..

I should have gone back and looked for him, i'm not worthy to call him my brother!!*

*Midnight quickly polishes off his beer...then another..and another... he reaches for more... fingers walking the wooded deck, he turns to look. All he sees are empty cans strewn on the partly wet decking*

*FFUUUCCKKK!!!* *he screams into the night

*He spots his radio and ponders for a moment, hesitantly he picks up the radio....and raises it to his mouth..and clicks the ptt*


*Midnight depresses the ptt...leans for the cassette player and presses play, lies back on the damp decking and once again presses ptt on his radio, drunkenly singing along to his brother.*


*Before long, the only thing to be heard is his snoring*

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