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Responsibilities of Hostage Taking!

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Had a funny experience that was...... weird enough I might drop the habbit of "fishing" all together


- was waiting in a police station, having closed all the doors ( very weak bait, but some one always comes by sooner or later )

- guy comes in, he had a radio I was unaware of and managed to call for help.

- he was drenched wearing little else then cargo pants, t-shirt and shoes.

- had no water or anything, just a can of food.

- after some barking he eventually got into a kneeling position and I fed him, gave him water

- told him since he was soo poor I was losing profit on this catch, I would let him go in exchange for some story time

and thus set up a lantern while he started rabbling on. In the end I let him go, but while I was unlocked all the doors ( 2 to get him out of the building ) my lantern went out and went missing as he ran out.

Managed to catch him, he found a weapon and I had him drop it, told him not to move or I would shoot

He turned his back and started walking away so I put a bullet in his leg.

He said he did not have it and he would follow my orders no more

( even going so far as to OOC type he did not have it )

So then I left him alone, telling him about a farm I had a block or two over with more food then he could eat and left.

(turns out he ditched it part way into his initial sprint away from the building)

Basically the entire time, he was very demanding, saying I had to give him food and water, that I wouldn't really hurt him (I admit I poked him with a charged stun rod several times JUST to get some Basic compliance) and even demanded that I had to go get a fire set so he would not freeze, I do not believe he actually mentioned OOC rules or anything in character, but in OOC he kept insisting I had to give him food,cloths,water and medicine. in which I responded in OOC that my obligations as his hostage taker was that I had to keep him alive, and send him OFF with enough supplies to survive.

Thank you for your patience thus far.

At the end of this, I really did not want to take a life, because that was a goal my character had set for himself, to never take another life again except to save himself or another. BUT

What exactly were my options here? It was... defiantly an RP, where where I came out the bitch it would seem, but it felt like he was just taking advantage of the rule that as long as he eventually complies a little than I am not allowed to kill him.


Could I have broken his legs or something? Broken an arm perhaps? Been alot more rough in my... discipline? If he died would I have been banned? Was putting a bullet in him after I let him go/found him again and not giving him a blood bag a bannable offense? I am just confused as to where my responsibilities as his ... caretaker begin and end!

I really disliked that in the roleplay he could make demands, and weather or not I stalled on feeding him/warming him up, he acted like I was following orders the entire time!

Gimme your advice and experience!

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Guest turbox9

I don't know if you're joking or not, lad.

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As a hostage taker, yes the hostage is your responsibility. But that doesn't mean you have to listen to every little thing the hostage asks for.

Your hostage was, what we like to call, ruleplaying.

Rules page:


This is a reportable offense.

He was taking advantage of the fact that he was your hostage and he was using the rules to make you do things that wouldn't otherwise make sense is a real life hostage situation. 

Yes, you can do bodily harm to your hostage if they don't listen to your demands or make any attempt to escape or try to hurt you.

More stuff:


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As shown, you must have care for the hostage. As long as he does not die, can be told to run away and not die (I.E. has food water most likely a way to open a can he doesn't need a weapon for there are no zombies to be worried about just people like yourself) you're all good. The main thing is this, IF HE DOES NOT COMPLY TO YOUR RULE AS A HOSTAGE TAKER YOU HAVE KOS. This does not necessarily mean that you should kill him for we are here for the RP not the kill count. Now as for him making demands, all you have to do is make sure he can live so such as if he was freezing and needed a fire I would normally say something along the lines of "Man I am really cold can you please make a fire ect ect". The reason for this is that if someone had a gun pointed at the back of my head I find being a polite little chap goes a lot further than being an asshole. When you told him not to move and drop the lantern and he continued to walk away right there is an example of KoS rights. One thing I like to do is tell them if they keep talking or if they want to be smartasses and keep acting arrogant and what not is that you tell them "Shut up or die". As long as your commands are clear and if they break one you are allowed execution rights. I am with you in agreeing about I don't like it when people act arrogant that they don't think they can be killed because they know the rules. The rules are OOC info and our characters should still act scared if they have a gun pointed at them even though we as players know we will not die if we follow your commands. You can break limbs and what not but remember DayZ is not exactly a complient game so you run the chance of accidentally killing him. But remember if your orders are not clear then yes it will allow for wiggle room what they can and cannot do. Always make your orders clear and to the point yet if you see that your rules are being broken you can kill them. Just my two cents and hoped it helped!

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As a hostage taker you need to make sure that your hostage is taken care of while they are in your, what I like to call, possession. They are allowed to inform you of things that need but in a roleplay manner and you need to tend to those needs. If they inform you that they are a little thirsty, give them water. If they say something like they haven't had much to eat then feed them. If they mention they are cold or it's getting a little chilly then a fire needs to be made. Keep in mind they do not need to have a picnic and have bright green everything, just enough to keep them out of hungry and thirsty. Most of the time this is a way as your hostage telling you they have the status of "Cold|Hungry|Thirsty". There is no way to prove if they are lying but it needs to be provided because if they were not lying and they die from it then you are held accountable. 

You can do physical harm to your hostage but it's best to have the supplies to do so. What most will do is physically beat their hostage a few times, give them some saline and food to get them in good condition again before continuing the torture.

Once you are done with them and sending them off you do not need to give them anything. You can take their weapon, all their ammo and what not as long as you point them in a direction where they can gather up food and supplies to tend to themselves. Once you let them go they are on their own. 

Judging by what you said happened it seemed like he was playing more to the rules instead of roleplaying. This is a punishable offense as you are to prioritize RP over the Rules and act according to the situation. Them being arrogant in the situation to me sounds very unrealistic as anyone with a gun pointed at them is going to do what they say and value their one and only life. Once you initiate you have KOS rights on the individual, it is good that you didn't use them right off the bat and tried to get some RP out of the situation. 

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Thank you for all your tips, hints and words!

Although it is reportable, I will not file one ( assuming I have that discretion?) because

a) Evidently I did not understand the rules to the level I should have, and thus was forced to play it safe

b) I once erred the rules on the side of breaking them and have learned, but was let go by the more experienced players!

Anyways, Thank you again for your outstanding support!

I was nervous about even posting this question, maybe I could have done it better or maybe this was one for the community helpers (who I have contacted alot) but I was hoping to get multiple opinions, and I got them! So thanks again!

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It is always better to ask then to learn the hard way. That is what we are here to do :)

If you have any other questions, would like to discuss anything you do not understand or are curious about please don't hesitate to 

jump onto teamspeak and head up to the Helpdesk. 

"There is no such thing as a stupid question"

Never feel nervous or scared when it comes to asking for help.

With that I will /Solve this.

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