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Being kicked for not whitelisted.


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Earlier today I started playing DayZRP again and the first time i tried to join it said I was not whitelisted, so I tried again, got on and play for 30 mins and then got kicked for being not whitelisted agian.

If anyone could help me stop this problem, it would be appreciated. thanks!

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  • Sapphire

The new whitelist system with Steam integration is now live!

See detailed information about the new system in the old announcement thread here

Already whitelisted players only need to use the Steam login part of the application.

You will have until 13th September to upgrade to the new system, afterwards the old whitelists will be deleted and those who still haven't used the Steam login will have to do the full re-whitelist process.

You might have to do the whitelist again, if you didn't upgrade to the new system before the 13th September of this year.

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  • MVP

Depending on the last time you played, it could be because you missed the deadline for the steam integration in September.

Everyone had to integrate their steam profiles to their DayZRP accounts. If you missed the deadline then you have to rewhitelist unfortunately.

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  • MVP

Keep us updated on this.

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If you need help regarding specific questions, please get into contact privately (PMs or TeamSpeak) with a staff member.

We request questions and their corresponding answers not be posted publicly.

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