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Thread Necromancy and Seeking Whitelist Answers

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

I have no report to link, as it was a PM informing me of the warning from Majkel. However it was in response to a post on this thread: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Common-Terms-Report-Charges

Why the verdict is not fair:

One the first count, Thread Necromancy: The thread in question was one of the guides in the master Guide list, and I had assumed that the rules on thread necromancy might not be relevant to new user information in such a collection.

On the second count, Seeking Whitelist Answers: I think there was some sort of misunderstanding.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

So for the thread Necro, I had assumed that the guides collected for new users were there for new players like myself to gain a firmer understanding of the rules to avoid situations like these. While I do not deny that the last post was from several months prior, I am just stating my reasoning. If this charge sticks I will accept that, as I have no defense as to whether or not it occurred, but can only offer my reasoning for committing the act.

However, the second count is clearly a misunderstanding. The question I had asked was a fairly specific scenario, and asking how it would be treated within the rules laid out in the OP. My whitelist application had already been approved! And the application had been complete, and submitted in full the previous evening (Western NA time zone) about 10-12 hours previous I believe.

If by some coincidence, the question I had asked was close to a whitelist question, that is all it is. An unfortunate coincidence. It was not one of my questions, and none of my friends who are starting to put in their applications, had been initiated by the time I asked this VERY specific question.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

For the first charge, I am wiling to accept punishment, though I feel it is a fairly poor way to begin our relationship. I would also note that SEVERAL posts have been added to that thread without repercussion since!

The whitelist charges, however, I feel are due to misunderstanding, or perhaps misreading the time stamps on a few things? I would like to see the warning points removed for those.

Further, as a new player, trying to make a good impression on a community I already have a great deal of respect for, I feel that having a post reading "USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST" is rather damning. If this mess is cleared up in my favor I should like it simply deleted from the thread in question.

Perhaps the rules for the new player guides section could be assessed? It seems counter productive to disallow questions from the inquisitive players who are only there to make sure they are adhering to the very rules they are reading about.

Finally, I feel the Moderator who issued the warning - Majkel -to have done his duty. I don't feel there should be any kind of repercussion for him. He was helpful in spite of my perceived transgression, pointed me at several resources, and encouraged me to fill out this appeal. A simple misunderstanding is all that has happened here.

What could you have done better?:

Firstly, I should have used the designated "Questions" Sub-forum. Secondly, I could have looked at the date of the last post BEFORE  I hit post, rather than afterward and hastily adding an edit apologizing for the transgression. Now that I know that the guides section is not exempt from necromancy rules, those actions will certainly be used. (though, I had also understood necromancy charges to be levied against new posts that do not bring something new to the conversation, ie newbie questions added in a newbie guide)

As to the second charge, apart from the wording of my question perhaps, I can't seem to identify any wrongdoing on my part. I see this section of the charge as a mere misunderstanding.

Thank you for your time,

- Blackthorne

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We looked over your post and we have come to the conclusion that your question was a genuine one. On top of that, we have Moderation guidelines that were not followed when the issuing of your warning points occurred.

In other cases, we would private message whoever had committed a necro in order to notify them of the forum rule regarding this. This gives the person a chance to avoid making the same mistake in the future. As we did not do this for you, we apologise.

In the future, we advice that you take note on where you are posting. If you notice that a thread is old (in most cases, 3+ months) and is no longer relevant to a topic (such as a discussion on the .57 DayZ patch) then it is best to avoid the thread entirely. You have other options if you want to start a discussion. This is by creating your own thread, or finding a similar thread to the topic you want to create.

To answer your initial question that was warned:

As long as the two victims agree to the situation, there shouldn't be anything wrong with doing so. As long as you make sure you are following the basic rules then the situation should be entirely fine. We have had people do similar situations in the past and they have gone well. Just make sure you cover your bases on other rules so that there are no contradictions.

Just to re-instate, your warning points were found to be unjustified due to staff error as well as your question being entirely genuine. Due to this, we will be accepting your appeal.


Appeal Accepted - Warning points revoked

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