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5 try white list fail

Guest Scumbag Kyrone

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Guest Scumbag Kyrone

Hello to whoever may be reading this particular ban appeal, I am appealing today about my white list ban, you see I had passed the questions stage before hand and my story was rejected, so like any other dayz rp lover I reapplied but unfortunately failed one question on each attempt. two of these where due to my faulty mouse which seems to want to wonder around my screen (has been replaced), I believe that I should be aloud to have one more attempt on the whitelisting process. I am also a you tuber looking to record other things that happen in regular dayz (basically just people KOS!). I believe being given another chance I can pass the process  and bring more people to the dayz rp community via youtube. i hope i get given another chance and look forward to getting a response.

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