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Open Broadcast, search for doctor. 98.7

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*Zach reaches for bag and grasps it. He pulls it across the floor and he grunts. He pinches the velcro strap and pulls slowly.*

*Zach grabs and slips the radio out of the patch and holds down the button*

"Hello? I dont know if anyone is getting this message but i need a- *cough* a doctor. I drank some pond water and i havent been feeling the same since. Ive taken charchol tabs and have thrown up directly afterward. The pill hasnt been able to cycle through my system. Im in Kabanino, but unfortunately no one is able to help. Im not sure how long i have. But please contact me with any infor- *cough* *cough* information."

*Zach releases his finger from the button and drops the radio at his side. He lays his arm over his stomach and falls unconscious.*

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*Charlie was nonchantly flicking through various frequencies when heard the man's voice over the radio. He shook his head in disbelief, "What idiot would drink pond water without purifying it...!?" he said to himself before picking up his knackered walkie-talkie and broadcasting the following*

I'm sorry to say it, but you sound pretty rough bud... I'm not a doctor but the main thing I would recommend is to try and keep yourself hydrated. I can imagine you're...er...erupting...out of both ends and you'll be losing a lot of water very quickly. So keep chugging down that fluid and a few more charcoal tabs won't hurt. Just read the label on the back, if it's still legible, and it should tell you the maximum you should take.

*Charlie pauses and wracks his brain trying to think of where some doctors may be*

It's a bit of a long shot but there is a clinic just down the road from you in a town called Stray Sobor, where some doctors have been known to pass through...Who knows, you may get lucky....

Hope you make it buddy...Just don't do anything too...stupid I guess.

*Charlie turned off the radio and leant back against his back, leaning on a fallen down tree. "Amazing how some people have survived so long..." he murmured, turning his gaze down the road to watch for any possible movement.*

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*You hear a man with thick Japanese accent come through the radio.*

My name is doctor Kenji Oshiro i wander around the stary area come see me there.

My frequency is 89.3

*The radio suddenly click off *

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Jamie dips his feet in the pond and picks up the radio.

So.. let me get this right. You took some pills and threw up directly after?

He chuckles.

You're fucked. Go talk to Kenji. He might cure you from stupidity. 

He laughs and turns off the radio.

You took pills.. then threw them up.. What a moron. 

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