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The People of Bonta [W.I.P.]

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The Story

''As the wind blows through the grass. As the birds whistle in the trees. Everything is in harmony, even the monsters that roam around the lands of Chernarus, as light can't exist without darkness. Some out there, still live in fear. Fear of death or fear of the darkness. Why should one fear the darkness? Because you don't know what is out there? Why should one fear the lands we live in today? As we do know what is out there''

Jan and Robert

[align=left]On the 1st of October 2014, Jan de Vries arrived in Chernarus. Jan was sent to Chernarus because of work. He was a forester back in Holland and had worked for "Staatsbosbeheer". They maintained all the forests in Holland. They sent Jan to Chernarus to teach the locals how to maintain the forests. Jan worked on this project with a biologist who went by the name of Robert van Dijk. They worked together to complete this project.

[align=left]One day Jan was in the forest doing some research when he heard a lot of screaming coming from the town. Jan walked back to his office. As he came closer to the town of Krasnostav, he saw the city had become overrun by the infected. He had heard about this infection on the radio, they had talked about some sort of outbreak, but Jan had just continued to do his work. Upon arriving at the office, he found Robert, unconscious. He lifted him on his shoulder and began to run away from the city into the forest. Robert woke up after a couple of minutes and was able to walk again. After walking for about an hour they arrived at an old cabin. They barricaded the doors and windows and sat down for a minute.

"What the hell happend Jan?"

[align=left]"I heard some people talking about an infection on the radio. I think they were serious about it."

They waited for things to calm down. The cabin looked abandoned, but there were still peoples belongings in the wardrobes. After inspecting the cabin, they found a little door next to a wardrobe which led to the basement. Jan went down to investigate, he found some useful things down there. A crossbow with plenty of bolts, Two sidearms and an old hunting rifle. The owner of the cabin had also been storing a lot of canned food. Jan and Robert were good for now. There was food, weapons and water in the cabin. The best thing was to just wait.

[align=left]The days were long, long and restless. They didn't have much to do in the cabin. All they has was an old chess set. Playing chess was a great way to stay sharp. Most of the time Robert would win, but Jan kept trying. One morning they heard someone walking outside the cabin. Jan got his crossbow out.

"Robert you open the door. I'll stay ready to shoot."

[align=left]"Okay, but what if it's a person?"

[align=left]"We'll see."

Robert openend the door. There was an infected standing right next to the waterpump. Jan shot the infected and slowly walked outside.

"At least that won't be a problem anymore."

The cabin was built on an open field right between two forests. It was a beautiful day. Clouds were nowhere to be seen.

"I just need to know how the situation is in Krasnostav."

"Okay, but we need to be careful, We have no idea how things are over there. Since a lot of time has passed, things could have already changed."

"I hope so, I truly hope so."

They went in the direction of the city. It took a while to get there. They decided to watch the city from around 300 meters away. Jan took out his binoculars and started to watch the city. It had fallen. Infected were everywhere, there was nothing they could do about it. Sure they had weapons, but there were just too many infected to fight. The only option was to go back to the cabin. After walking for a while they could see the cabin again. The only problem was that there were people running from it. Jan and Robert ran as fast as they could towards the cabin but it was already too late. Everything had been taken. All the food was gone, they even stole the chess set.

"What are we gonna do now?"

[align=left]"We need to move on. There is no reason to stay here."

The only thing that they had was the crossbow and the old hunting rifle, some ammunition for the rifle and a compass. They decided to go west. After about four hours of walking, they saw a small radio tower standing on a hill and a road leading there.

"We might be able to get a radio message out there!"

[align=left]"Maybe… I don't know if the power still works."

[align=left]"We'll see."

They followed the road towards the radio tower and came across a sign. Unfortunately it was written in Chernarussian, but they could see some buildings in the distance.



Camp Romashka

[align=left]They had arrived in an old summer camp called 'Camp Romashka'. There was a large main building, a radio tower, a medical ward and lots of cabins with a wall surrounding the place. It felt like they had arrived in heaven. Everything they could have hoped for was in this place. The owners of the camp had left a long time ago, but there were still lots of supplies. The plan was to stay in the camp temporarily, but the place began to feel like home, they both chose cabins to live in. Things were looking good, they lived in the camp for a long period of time. Jan lost count of the days.

[align=left]One day the idea of a community came up, there should be other survivors out there. The camp was a perfect place to set up something like that. Jan worked out the idea. He managed to get a radio broadcast across Chernarus using the radio tower, powered by an old truck battery he had found.


[align=left]How we met

[align=left]Visitors started to arrive daily. They all heard about the camp on the radio, everything in the camp was going well except for the shortage of fresh food, until Faustus Jones arrived. Faustus was the best farmer in the whole of Chernarus, his speciality was farming pumkins. Jan decided to offer him a cabin to live in as the camp had a contunious demand for food, Faustus' pumkins were a delicious solution for that. A couple of days after Faustus' arrival, they met another man named Ben Becker. They sat around the campfire for the whole night making jokes and singing songs, they all had a great time. The next day, they gave Ben his own cabin in the camp. Four days later, they got a radio message from a doctor, he wanted to help them and he was interested in the small medical ward that was located at the camp. He arrived a day later. His name was Frank Anderson, he loved the place. They showed him the medical ward and the supplies that still were in it. He told them the ward would be ready within a day. Frank cleaned everything up and stored all the supplies away. They were all very greatful for his work and accepted him into the camp. There was a total of five people living in the camp at this point; they were all very proud of what they had achieved. For a period of time they had no sorrows, they felt safe. There was a peaceful feeling around the camp, there were no threats. The infected and the wild animals weren't near the camp. But as people used to say, there is always calm before the storm.

[align=left]It started with a girl named Maria Gonzalez. Jan found her laying on the ground in front of the gate. She had wounds all over her body. Jan ran to the hospital and came back with Frank. Jan and Frank dragged her to the hospital. Frank began to tend to Marias wounds. Maria was in the hospital for at least a week before Frank introduced her to us. She talked and was able to tell them who she was, but was still very confused. There was a cabin left, so Jan decided to give it to Maria. A week later Maria was able to tell them what happend to her, it was a horrific story. She was taken by a group of people. They had tortured her, but after a couple of hours she managed to run away. She checked her radio for help. There were some talking about a camp just south of ''Devils castle''. Maria decided this was the only place where she could be safe, but when she arrived at the camp she fell against the gate, she didn't have the energy left to open it. All the people in the camp were shocked by her story. They knew things were bad out there, but this…

[align=left]Maria told us that she used to be a cook before it all started, so she made us a nice dinner.


How we left

[align=left]We didn't know what was out there, so we started to make runs to local settlements in small groups of two, sometimes three people. They weren't looking for supplies. Their only goal was to meet other people. To see how they were doing during the harsh period. Some of them knew what was out there, they had seen things before they arrived at the camp. They knew they could not become weak, they all needed to know it. But it didn't take long before they did. One day they received a message on the radio, a man was talking about the calm before the storm. They didn't take it very seriously as they had received these kinds of messages before, but that mindset changed on the day the invaders came.

[align=left]They were all sitting by the campfire. They did this a lot, just to forget about everything. Suddenly they saw three men approaching from the dirt road. Jan walked away from the campfire to talk with them. He didn't get the chance. One of the men started to shout:

"YOU PEOPLE HAVE 7 DAYS TO LEAVE OR ELSE... Well you can figure that out."

There was no way of talking to the three men, they gave them only two options: Leave the camp or figure out what will happen if they don't. The three men then left. The next day, they had a meeting about the situation. As a group, they decided it was better for them to leave the camp. They didn't have the numbers to fight the invaders. Jan only wanted everyone to be safe, he didn't care about the camp, he only cared for his people. The next day they would leave the camp, there was no reason to wait out the 7 days. They all packed their things and left at dawn. Everyone had loved camp Romashka, It didn't feel right to leave the place, but they had to. Jan had set out a marker on his map. The marker would lead them to their new camp.

Who we are

[align=left]We are a group of survivors. Our main goal is to survive the infection. We try to do this in the most peaceful way we can. The group formed at the summer camp, but we grew stronger after we left. The forest is where you'll find us wandering around. Sometimes we go to urban areas, but only to maintain our contacts with other survivors and restock our supplies.


[align=left]Our goals

- To find harmony.

[align=left]- To try and understand the world we live in.

[align=left]- To find a place that we can call home.

[align=left]- To survive in the most comfortable and peaceful way we can make for ourselves in this harsh enviroment.

[align=left]- To offer shelter to people we trust.

[align=left]- To find out who the invaders were.

[align=left]The people of Bonta

[align=left]Jan de Vries - The forester

[align=left]Robert van Dijk - The biologist

[align=left]Ben Becker - The explorer

[align=left]Frank Anderson - The doctor

[align=left]Faustus Jones - The farmer

[align=left]Maria Gonzalez - The cook



[align=left]Allies: -

[align=left]Friendly: Everyone we meet

Enemies: -


Recruitment will be done over teamspeak. You will need to tell us why you wanna join us and describe how your character fits in the group. Visit our channel or poke one of our members on teamspeak.

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  • MVP

It's done!


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  • Legend

Good luck, people of Bant- Bonta. Will post some feedback after reading.

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  • Sapphire

I suggest a few spoilers and a bit of color.

I see that you are going for the survivor feel for this group. Now, this question must be asked sooner or later. How do you plan on making this group different from the number of other survivor groups in the past and present?

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  • Emerald

Sounds interesting!

The thread could do with a bit of work tho - I recommend asking Phoenix & Clumsy for some graphics!

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  • Sapphire

Good luck with this!

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  • Emerald

Looks like a very promising idea.

Best of luck with this! :)

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  • Emerald

Romashka was great location before for the last Strangeland pub, think that location last three weeks or so. Anyways spoilers, centering, color, and graphics also maybe how you recruit like ic only or if its on the forum use a template is the things I can think at the moment.

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  • Sapphire

Like the others have said, the thread needs a bit of work, but story isn't half bad. Hopefully you guys make this different from other survivor groups in some way.

Good luck with this!

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  • Sapphire

Finally, glad to see you making the group official.

But why am i not in the friendslist ;) ?

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Just a quick nitpick Staatsbosbeheer is a government institute not a company.

If i remember my lore right by the time the virus reached the east it was widely know it was bad borders where being closed and quarantines where breaking.

The virus started in Myshkino and made its way outward from there. You would know there is something bad going on by the time it reaches Krasnostav.

Its nothing major just a little thing i noticed.

other than that it looks nice. you don't often see dialog in a groups lore

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  • MVP


We had a little struggle with this. Some say it is a governmental institute, others say its a company. I will have to do some research on this.

I think you are right on the other thing. We will change this soon. 

Thanks for your feedback.

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  • Emerald

Good luck with this!

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  • MVP

We can see that you have fixed some of the issues with this group however there are still quite a bit of issues left to fix. We will be sending you a PM with a list of issues. Feel free to PM us if you have any more questions.

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