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The Story Of Lucas Fernandez

Guest JustLucas

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Guest JustLucas


How it all Happened...

It all started back in the United Kingdom... I was 21 years of age, whilst working in a convenient store I made my way up to manager. From the age of 18 i worked my ass off to get to this place. It wasn't the most exciting job, but the pay was good and it was easy to do. In my spare time you'd find me down the pub, or looking for mint rare condition coins to collect. I had been saving for a while just to travel to a region of Chernarus, called South Zagoria. I was going for a Russian USSR Russland 20 KOPEKS 1961. It would of costed me around £500 but due to travelling costs, I had gotten it for cheaper though. One day the dealer had contacted me on October 13th, I thought it was abit weird but he said he'd sell it to someone else if I didn't get there soon. Worried i'd lose the deal, I had to take a loan from my parents to catch the flight just to feed my addiction.

Arriving at Chernarus

Arriving to Chernarus was easy, returning from it was the hardest. When i had arrived to Chernarus, all flights was cancelled the next day due to some sort of virus spreading. I was not told any details of this so called ''Virus'', so i just thought it was some sort of flu, so I ignored it.

I made my way to a small town called Vybor. Arriving to the motel i was staying at, I rested for a few days getting my money sorted and going around on hunting trips because I had never shot a weapon before. After a few days, I met the dealer near the town of Stary Sobor, just outside a green building on the edge of town. When I got there, there was a distinct smell of death in the air. After inspecting the coin he had given to me, i paid the man as he was itching to get out from there. He had told me about this virus saying that people are getting infected and biting people. I questioned his accusations ''Biting? You mean cannibals?'' He replied with a firm ''No, people are calling them the Infected!'' It was hard to understand him because of his Chernarussian Accent. Then out of nowhere, a sound of Sirens filled the streets of Stary, a loud manly voice filled the streets with a Chernarussian Accent as he  spoke in Chernarussian, I could understand nothing. Asking the man what he said, the man then sprinted off down the town into Stary quickly, me panicking I attempted to a get a cab back to Vybor. But the streets where filled with rioters not 10 minutes after the Announcement. I moved up the road from the rioters next to a lake where I was hit in the head with a blunt object and hit unconscious sliding  down under a tree.

The Virus

After awaken from the deep unconsciousness, I was met by a group of individuals wearing red berets and red arm bands. They looked military wearing Camouflaged Clothing with Black Skull Masks and heavy military weaponry. I questioned my Theory, but they laughed in my face. They told me they were a group of individuals, who were keen on keeping the infection alive. I wondered if they were talking about the infection the man was talking about. Then the smell of death returned to me, but a burnt smell along with it. I asked ''Sorry Gentlemen, but am I the only one who can smell that?''. They followed it with a laugh, pointing towards the town. As I turned my head, holding the back of my head. I saw the town of Stary Sobor lit apon fire and dead people filled the streets. They had told me that Marshal Law was announced and the UN and CDF had left the Region and surrounded the waters killing anyone leaving the shores, although they could of killed me then and there, they asked me if i wanted to join on their adventures. Not knowing what to do, I answered with a deep toned Yes. They handed me a Pistol, my face was shocked as I wondered why i needed it. I didn't question their actions and went along with it. They had told me they were a brotherhood, calling themselves The Pestilence Brotherhood.

Now... This is where the story begins!

(If i got the lore wrong someone correct me please)

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  • Sapphire

Interesting.. Good luck with this character, would be cool to see how he develops.

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Guest JustLucas

I dont ever remember burning down a village full of people, but ok.

Never said you did, i just said the town on flames and dead people were in the streets

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 I had been saving for a while just to travel to a region of South Zagoria, called Chernarus. 

Chernarus is the country, South Zagoria is the region. So you would have to say "I had been saving for a while just to travel to a region of Chernarus, called South Zagoria.

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  • Emerald

Nice story Lucas ;)  Where am I mentioned ?? :D

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Guest JustLucas

Week 1

After breaking off from the brotherhood, I was on my way. The first week was the hardest! Getting stuff to survive such as a backpack, a good weapon and just general supplies. I even had to... Kill a guy! He had attempted to hold me up, i was so scared that i just risked it. The smell of his shirt is still with me, maybe we could of talked it out.. Maybe we couldn't. All that matters now that i'm alive and he's not! Survival of the fittest! Now i just have to clean the flood off of my shirt, and get new boots.. Oh why did i have to come to this place.

Religious People

I met two brothers.. Their names are Artyom and Malvik. Nice guys, they asked me so many questions about being religious and stuff, I was wondering why they was so up front about it. I just went along with it, thinking of the best answers i could. All i knew is that I need to stay alive and get home! Oddly i answered every question they needed to hear, i used to go to church so i know what i'm talking about, but what kind of god would do this to people like these? This is where i lost all beliefs. They took me to their church just on the edge of Novaya Petrovka. It was a brightly, clean church.. The walls were clean as if the world had not gone to shit. The smell of the burning candles filled the air with delight as soon as you enter the room, you'd be welcomed with open arms. I was told everything about the group, why they're here and what they do. I was asked to join them, hesitating at first.. I thought no, but my chances of survival would increase if i was with a group.

Piper Heart

A day or two pasted before i met the leader of this christian group. Her name was Piper Heart, she was an american gal and she was the sweetest girl you'd ever meet. She'd welcome you with welcoming words as she'd bring joy to the dullest of rooms. She was a nice person but get on her bad side, she'd make it living hell for you to be alive anymore. We'd go around the lands of Chernarus, baptizing people and spreading the word of god! We met The Pestilence Brotherhood again and told them we worshiped devil because of Wong being a Devil Worshiper. I didn't think lying was the greatest idea to do but i went along with it, in fear of being exiled. We recruited a few name religious people to the group, and everything was going find til Artyom and Malvik along with a few members left! They betrayed us!

The Robbery!

Piper introduced me to a man named Jack Lemons, he was a nice guy. Mostly friendly than friendly, maybe this is what will get him killed sometime. I just hope he's doing ok right now... Ill have to catch up with him sometime. 

After a few hours, i met back up with Piper after splitting from them, she told me two men were with her at Vybor Military Base. Sneaking it to one of the barracks, she came in and the man followed trying to rob her after seeing me he quickly realized what was going to happen. I quickly acted and killed the man, i just wish he wouldn't of forced my hand... But Oh well, we quickly escaped through one of the walls heading toward Green Mountain, We didn't make it though. It was dark and we couldn't see a thing, so we held up in a small house just outside of Pustoshka and settled for the night.

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