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For Boris please respond ASAP


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Wallis fiddles with her radio for a moment before pressing the button down.

"It is very important that I get in contact with a man named Boris, he is uh a very loud man.  We have a letter for you that needs to be picked up or delivered. If this gets to Boris or if you know how to get him in contact please respond as soon as possible."

She lets go of the button and waits nervously.

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Guest Yuri Ubiytsa

Sokol hears Boris's name over the radio. He looks around for Boris among his sleeping friends, but cannot find him. He decides to respond


I pick up letter for Boris.

Give me frequency so we can talk.

I don't want shitheads hearing.

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Wallis holds the button down.


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::Ender picks up the radio worried that boris wont respond in time and decides to send out an update::

I would like to Inform everyone that can hear this that we are still looking for a man named boris. it is of upmost importance that he gets this letter as soon as possable if you know who or where boris is please tell him to respond

::Transmission End::

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The unknown man remembers the transmission and decides to reply to help satisfy his curiosity. A deep Chernarussian accent fills the frequency*

Perhaps you need to elaborate more on this 'Boris'. Does he have a last name or nationality? It is a very common name... I may be able to help you but the man I may be referring to could be completely different.

The unknown man puts down his radio and silence proceeds to fill the frequency of the radio*

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Wallis picks up her radio and turns the volume up.

"Uh well... hm I don't know his last name but he's uh from what the sender said, kinda loud and may or may not know how to read English. Sorry, but that's about all we know..... Oh and I think he's Russian but I could be wrong, don't hold me on that."

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