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Annie Reed

A New Voice [Open Frequency]

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The voice of a woman cuts through the static, her voice sounding... careful. Ever since she found a battery for Marcus' radio, Annie had listened to the voices that would sift through the speaker of her radio on occasion... some sounding friendly, others... rather not. How long had she been alone? She no longer held the concept of time. She longed for news and conversation.

"He-...hello...? Is anyone out there? I'm... I'm looking for news on the rest of the world... and if anyone knows if anyone has made it out of this... whatever this country is now."

She lifted her thumb from the button for a moment before adding.

"I'm... trying to go home."

With a frown, Annie lifted her thumb from the button to talk as she fell silent. She could feel her heart hammering in her chest as she gripped the small radio tightly in her hands like a lifeline... Waiting...

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*Drew jumps on the opportunity to be the first to speak to a new voice and eagerly replies*

Well, miss, I'll be the first to tell you that nobody really knows what the world is now, but I can most certainly say that it's better than any place you may call home!

*Drew tosses his radio aside and loads his weapon, ready at any moment for a snake move from his enemy*

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*Lubomir takes his radio and hold the talk button*

Everyone is dead.Don't plan no big journey,you won't make it far.

*He releases the talk button*

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*Aleksandr picks up his radio and starts transmitting. You can hear a russian accent in his voice*

" *chuckles* Young lady, the whole world is fucked. Don't bother with trying to get back home."

*The transmission ends as quickly as it started*

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Listening to the voices, Annie felt her heart drop. For one long cold moment, time stood still. With a sharp shake of her head, she griped the radio tighter, her thumb beginning to ache lightly from the pressure she was applying to the 'talk' button. Her voice grew firm with worry, the cadence of her speech quickening.

"But... But they closed the borders to  contain  it. Are you telling me that it's like this everywhere? Even... overseas?!"

She released the button, hearing her heart pump so loudly in her ears that she was almost afraid she wouldn't hear any replies.

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*Lubomir holds the talk button*

The russians fucked off the borders ages ago,did you live under a rock all this time?As I said,don't bother.Wherever you are from is like here.

*He releases the button*

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With a scowl, Annie held down the button on her radio and snapped at the voice on the other end.

"Well I guess I have been living under a rock. I've been-"

She paused, her thumb still holding the button down, fuming irritably. (The NERVE of this guy!) But when she did take that pause, she felt her temper ebb in the thought of how she had planned on finishing that sentence.

Alone... and lost... in a country that wasn't her own. She let her thoughts trail off while still holding the button for a few moments longer before letting out an irritated scoff before releasing her thumb to cut her broadcast.

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::Listening to the poor soul on the radio sparks his intrest and decides to respond::

::A young quiet males voice can be heard::

Closing the borders stopped it for a while but it wasnt enough from what i remember a broadcast came from america stating it as in peril. That was seven or so months ago now. as of right now everyone is convinced that the entire world is dead, I'm sorry you had to hear it this way. I wouldnt make plans to leave the country.

This is my home now. This is where im living and this is where i'll die. ::His voice chears up for a moment to say:: but hopefully that wont be for a while

::transmissin End::

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*Charlie heard the girl's reply and shook his head slowly, "Where the fuck has this girl been...?" he muttered and felt sorry for her naivety. He picked up the radio from the grass next to him and started to transmit*

I'm sorry Miss, but I think we can safely say that the whole world has, well...gone to shit...I understand this may be hard to hear, but the Russians buggered off a long time ago and having made excursions into Russia myself I can tell you that they ain't doing too well themselves... Oh and I'm pretty sure that naval blockade is non-existent these days too.

*He paused and let out a deep sigh, looking across the field towards the setting Sun*

But who knows, maybe there's some place which is unaffected by this god-awful mess; maybe an island like Iceland or a military base in Germany...Who knows...But I wouldn't plan on making a long journey home (wherever that might be) unless you're sure that 'Home' is still there...

*Charlie was about to turn the radio off, when he thoguht better of it and decided to offer the girl some form of help*

Look, if you need some sort of assistance I suppose I could help you out. Just broadcast your message and I will likely hear it, found a couple of batteries recently so I'll be good for a couple of days.

You stay safe now....And don't give up on hope, it's the only thing that keeps most of us going these days...

*With that Charlie put the radio down and lent back against the tree. "Poor fucking girl..." he murmured. He pulled down his basball cap to shield his eyes from the glare of the Sun, and started to carefully disassemble and clean his battered, old rifle*

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Jamie hears the lady's voice talking about the infection, he smiles and puts the radio to his mouth.

Sorry Miss, but the Chernarussian is right. I'm sure everyone's dead outside. Nobody makes it far. Might be worth a shot, you see anything outside the border, let us know. 

He unwraps an old box of cigarettes, talking one out and lighting it. 

Good luck. 

He takes a drag, chucking the radio into his bag. 

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Annie hung her head low, squeezing her eyes shut.

She had had her hunches and clues... but that nagging voice in the back of her head had been right after all...

She pushed the button once more and spoke to the voices on the other end of the radio waves. Her voice sounded thicker... constricted...

"Uh, thanks... I guess... Thank you..."

She couldn't think of anything else to say to these people-both kind and not. 'Be safe?' Not likely... She let out a long shuddering sigh as she released the button, setting the radio aside with a heavy heart.

"You kept me alive for nothing, Marcus... Nothing..." She muttered in a voice choked with bitter sadness and anger, "Dad... Danny... I'm so sorry."

What was she going to do now? There was no point in heading west anymore... No point to it at all.

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Winston paces the room, he hears the transmission and sits down in his chair and turns the dial on his table radio. He fiddles with some of the switches then eventually takes the mic in his hand holds down the transmission button.

*The static breaks then you hear an American accent begin to talk*

"Heh, the world is dead. But we people tread on.. I'm in Paris right now and well I started from hell.. I don't remember. I know where all these other broadcasters are from though. Which the rest of the world is well pretty fuc-

*You hear a loud gun shot that sounds to be only a few feet away, if not right by the microphone*

"GOD DAMN IT! Tell me before yo-"

*The radio cut off releasing a loud burst of static*

Winston slides his chair a few feet down the table glaring at the man that's been killing the ones that turned.

*Static breaks and the sound is filled with the mans voice*

"Ahem sorry about that, like I was saying the world well it's in ruin, the bombs that these country's dropped, up here we're lucky that we still have some buildings to take cover in."


Winston sighs, while he lets go of the transmission button, he takes a pause for a few seconds then holds the button back down to say one final thing

*Static breaks*

"Don't give up, and if you want some advice. Stay in South Zagoria... It's getting colder every day out here."

*Once again static bursts as the man finishes talking and the sound waves are filled with silence*

Winston releases the transmit button then walks over to the executioner to have a word with him.

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Kirill hears the transmition and a wide grin shows up on his face. While sitting under a tree, he reaches for his radio and pushes the PTT button:

*Privjet devachka. If you want to get home, or better, to see your loved ones -

while saying this, he slides his finger on the blade of his knife

- I could easily arrange that...*

After finishing the sentence, he notices, that his finger tip is cut. The blood starts to drip from the wound. He lets it drop to the ground, watching it. His pupils widen. 

"Amazing. How slowly but surely the blaze of a life can be extinguished..."

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*Jarmo hears the back and forth on the frequency and stakes a sip on his bottle of vodka. He starts to cough, he wasn't prepared for the strength of the 80 proof. He recovers from his coughing fit and depresses his PTT, his Finnish accent garbled by his intoxication.*

"Oh you want to get home..." 

*he grunts* 

"Well then. I really don't care. Where ever you go just don't get caught up with the Russians. Don't trust them. As the others said... Russia is overrun. I would know, I've been there since not long after this... hell reached Finland. If you want, make the journey all the way though Russia like I did. Go to Finnmark... Norway... hope you like the cold though."

*he chuckles* 

"Oh and kill the Russians on the way for me? Oh who am I kidding, it sounds like you couldn't hurt a fly... but then how did you last so long? Oh who cares." 

*he takes another slip of his vodka bottle and starts to cough again. He releases the PTT and continues to listen to the frequency.*

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*Logan sits in the open field, holding his radio in his hand while he listens in on the frequency. When the radio goes silent, he presses down on the talk button.*

"Miss... I don't know if you will find what your looking for, but you just need to have hope that you'll find it. I mean, hope is one of the only things that can get us through this. Well, faith and friends can too, but hope will always be there. And hey, there is a point in living. Don't sell yourself short, we are here for a reason. We all have a purpose in life, we just have to find what it is. You got people who care about you, they need you, even if you don't believe it... I... I know it took me a while to figure that out, and I think I'm still trying. Just stay safe out there."

*Logan lets go of the talk button.*

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Stradic continues to observe the large group of people below. Making sure to jot down everything that he considers to be of importance. He pulls out his radio and turns it on when he suddenly hears an unknown voice emitting from his radio, he places the radio down and listens to other survivors responding to the transmission when he picks his radio back up and pushes down on the transmit button...

'Hello there, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I am afraid that in part, what others have already said is true. That whatever this outbreak is... has spread beyond these borders. However, this does not mean that the rest of the world has suffered the same fate as us. As of now the only real proof we have of what has transpired around the globe are nothing more but rumours and garbled transmissions but in saying so, the lack of any type of foreign aid can only lead one to speculate that other countries are simply having there own crisis to deal with so don't expect help to arrive anytime soon.  

I am not sure how you have managed to survive as long as you have but quite frankly that's none of my concern. Just note that around these parts, that as well as the infected, you need to be careful of other survivors as some will seek you harm for their own sick pleasure but know not all survivors are like that. 

The only advice I can give to you is to find a group of survivors who you feel will better your own cha ...

The transmission suddenly cuts out with the last thing coming through are the sound of gunshots.

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*Emmerich looks towards his radio, sitting in the tent for quite a while, not sure if he should respond or not. He takes a deep breath, holding down the button as he starts to speak*

Some people will try to gain your trust, be friendly, just to gain advantage over you. Trust nobody, expect you know them. You can either learn it the easy way by respecting this advice, or the hard way by experiencing the 'why' part yourself, but the odds in dying while trying are very high. Your choice.

*He releases the button, clipping his radio back to the chest pocket of his green checked shirt*

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Enzo listens intently to the radio as he walks back from his shed after delivering a new batch of apples to put into another makeshift still pot. He carried his radio in one hand, a wet and cool bottle of apple wine in the other, and a few more bottles in his back pack that were to be given away as gifts.

He didn't think he was going to make it on time to give one of the gifts, but he eventually would.

He decided to respond, unknown if the woman was even listening. Enzo thought he could hear her become even more deflated as people gave her news she didn't want to hear.

Enzo took a drink of apple wine (you can't just give some one a gift like this without sampling it first, but he was getting good at this) and thumbed down the talk button on the radio in his right hand.

"Signorina, I hope you still there. Look, no need to worry about whataever everyone say, because no one fuckinga know what really happen out there. Maybe Russia fucked up, but Russia wasa fucked up before this shita happen."

You can tell Enzo is trying to lighten the mood with some humour, but not knowing the woman, he can only hope it helps. And that her home wasn't in Russia, because if so he may have just insulted her.

"Look Signorina, where ever home is, you have two way to look at: Uno, you can pray tings better for who ever you love back home. E due, you can forgetabouta back home e believe shit maybe worse there e hope they dead. Me, I mix both sometime."

"Either way, you have to say ma va funculo e vivere per te - Fuck it e live for yourself. You alive now so make it count, e that all you need to know."

Enzo releases the talk button for a moment, then presses it back down.

"E you also need to know if you need something ask for Enzo. I around."

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