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[Radio freq. 13.37] A call to all

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  • Emerald

*Logan leans against the wall of the house he spent the night in, fiddling with his radio, thinking about everything that has happened recently... The things eating away at him, that feeling of no self-worth and utter uselessness growing stronger in the back of his mind. Suddenly, he lands on the radio frequency and the music immediately begins to play through his radio, startling him slightly. He listens, hearing the familiar voice of a man he met a couple days before. When the message ends, Logan presses down on the talk button on his radio.*

"Hmmmm... Well, that's one way to get a message across..."

*Logan lets go talk button and hesitates before putting the radio in his jacket pocket, as he stares down at it for a moment. Whatever he was thinking, he shrugs it off, stuffs the radio into his pocket, and lets out a heavy sigh, one that comes from when you are at one of your lowest points. He stands there, left alone to his thoughts once more, to think about if he was still the same man he's always been.*

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  • Sapphire

*Tiernan sits up from his campfire, the old familiar voice of Joffrey relights a fire in his mind, he speaks in his young voice*

"I don't know if you remember me, your Majesty. But we knew each other a long time ago. I still haven't forgotten about the day you offered your life to me, gave me the chance to kill you for the murder of my father... Welcome back, my King.

*He takes his finger off the transmit button and drifts to sleep beside his fire*

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*Winston hears the transmission through his table radio, he picks up the mic and holds down the transmission button and begins to speak*

"The new Paris? Just so happens I am actually in the real Paris right now.. heh. So... if you don't mind me asking."

*Winston pulls the mic away and holds it to his chest, you can hear some static while the live mic rubs against the fabric of his clothing after

a second you hear a gun shot that almost sounds as if the gun were right by the open microphone*

"Sorry about that noise, where was I..? Oh right, where is the 'New Paris?' Because the business here is getting, mph, a little bloody. So -static- -ouch wit- -static- me."

*Static overflows the transmission and after a few seconds the radio wave is filled with the usual silence*

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Rain patters down to the ground outside the Party's quarters from the ongoing storm. Inside one of the offices, an unknown man sits staring out his window overlooking the town, acknowledging and listening to what is to be said. Once the message plays through, he opens the draws to his desks and grabs all the documents relating to New Paris and the French Foreign legion. After analysis, he proceeds to press the PTT on his radio. A deep Cherna russian voice, inquisitive in nature can be heard*

To the people of Chernarus..... 

Since the start of the infection back in October last year, we have had no chance of respite or rest. All day we have been forced to tolerate the hardship that has been brought with it all in the name of survival. Some of you listening have endured so much, from being robbed to seeing one of your loved one's die in front of you. It is not just the infected that have gone mad, but some of the people too. *Silence hits the frequency, with the man roughly taking 2 seconds before proceeding to speak*

The man you listen too is one affiliated with French Foreign Legion. Unfortunately, these individuals are responsible for making your lives, the lives of the people of Chernarus,  so much harder. They have been the ones responsible for the murder of hundreds. In previous radio messages they have transmitted, it is a common theme for them to fill the frequencies with death and Pestilence. They have declared themselves as the 'superior and virtuous force' and will stop at nothing to ensure your subordination  and worship to them. The other day they demonstrated this when they  stripped naked a group of civilians who refused to worship, leaving them to freeze in the rain.  *The radio message falls silent again, roughly lasting for 5 seconds before the inquisitive voice begins to sound again*

But these words I use merely only describe their horrible nature. Recent events have been brought to light the fact that they have now allied themselves with The Brotherhood. Wait... you may ask? Those who worship Satan, whom  seriously maim, kill innocent people and wish to spread the infection? Yes, this is correct. Do you think you will find your respite, your rest with them?

ZBOR stands for renewal, it stands for change. No longer will we continue to tolerate living under the infection and these individuals oppressive manners. We work, as the people of Chernarus, to renew, progress and overcome the infection in the hope our children no longer have to sleep with one eye open, worrying when their next meal is. Our reforms to the land will ensure our children and Nation are safeguarded with a surplus of food to provide. We do not steal from individuals to satisfy selfish desires like you do, instead, we work together to produce goods to supply to all whom are willing to live peacefully in our nation. The voice increases in volume*

Do not go to these individuals, good people of Chernarus. They will bring death and pestilence to you and your loved ones. These are some of the following names of these oppressive individuals, whom would exploit you and remove your liberty all for their own selfish deeds:

Nikolai Rykov

Henri d'Alembord

Patrick Montielle 

Marek Kamas

Jay Wong


The voice stops for 2 seconds, before proceeding with one final statement*

Stay safe out there!

The man puts down his radio and sits back down at his desk, continuing to write detailed plans regarding ZBOR reforms*


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*Joe leans in and looks intrigued by the voice behind the message, he grabs his radio kit and sets it up with the generator outside of his hut. With a thick Southern accent he begins his message*

"Well boy, you seem to have a great idea headed about, I've heard quite the news on this 'New Paris' but I haven't heard of where to go. Maybe you can get back in touch with me and I can head that way. I might have some fire power you'd be looking for... At no cost at all. I do however need to move out of this old shack I've been livin' in for the past few weeks, it's starting to smell like mold and mildew."

*Joe places the radio back on the rotting desk and moves towards the doorway, he takes out his last few cigarettes and lights one. He began his decent into Vybor waiting for a reply*

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  • Sapphire

*Corry picks up his radio and pushes down the PTT button*

New Paris? this is new, huh i guess the french will never change just like the British taking land that is not theirs.

*Corry puts down his radio*

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Iosif had been listening in on the back and forth for a bit now. He leaned back in his chair and toyed around with the PPT for some time, letting his fingers trail about it. Finally, he decided to speak his mind and reply - particularly to Daniel. He leaned forth and pushed down the button.


With that, he released the PPT and leaned back, begging to rock back and forth slowly, in thought.

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Listening to the reply from his previous message, the unknown man picks back up the radio to reply.  The deep Chernarussian voice is heard again, calm and inquisitive in nature*


Propaganda..... you think what I say is propaganda. Laughs*. It is well known by the population that the French Foreign Legion are allied with The Brotherhood, together holding the aim to spread the infection all in the name of Satan. It is also known that they utilize terror upon the innocent people of Chernarus to get them to bow down to your 'superior and virtuous force'. Yes... these words are from none other than one of their members, Lieutenant Nikolai Rykov. I have merely extracted facts and placed them into this frequency 

There is a pause in transmission for roughly 2 seconds*

It is obvious that you support these individuals, but we all hear the hostile oppressive tonality in your voice. A variety of Ethnicities, including Russians, Italians and Englishmen constitute in our ranks. One has already spoken.... and perhaps more will too. Thus, good people of Chernarus, what this man says in his radio message is one proven to be full of lies and deceit. 

Silence hits the radio for 6 seconds, before the man proceeds with his final statement*

We are people of truth. Overcoming what has become beholden t on ours land will take work and time, but we search for a respite in the years to come so the people of Chernarus, our generation and many more to come, can sleep knowing they are not under threat. However, the French do not. Their alliance with the Brotherhood indicates they would rather spread this madness to an even greater extent. 

There is a pause for 2 seconds, before the inquisitive voice states simply*

We want respite. We want Freedom. We want peace!  

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  • Sapphire

*Capitaine Monteil voice comes alive over the radio waves.*

"This Is Capitaine Monteil of the Legion. To all survivors in the region feel free to come to New Paris. It is located in a town once called Kabanino. You can see with your own two eyes this so called savagery the Legion is doing to the people. If we catch you alone we might even give you food and supplies... How inhuman of us. The Legion's roots is based off of accepting people of all cultures and history's then giving them the second chance that we all need especially in this day and age. So misfit or not you are welcome in New Paris my friend! Be our guest!"

*The Radio waves go quite once again*

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  • Legend


Enzo had been listening intently to the conversation. He wasn't sure how he would respond yet, but was sure that he would...

"Signore...err, Capitaine Monteil... I'm no sure if you remember me or no, but we met a few nights ago, in the town with the trees all cut down on the road. You say I had una culo like a woman. Remember?"

Enzo pauses for a second or two, allowing the man to remember the encounter.

"Did you e your men find the woman e man you were hunting for? I'ma no sure if the ones I saw earlier were the ones you were looking for or no, but they no seem dangerous."

Enzo allows his voice to trail off a little bit, and lift in tone, as if thinking out loud to himself all while holding down the push to talk button.

"I wonder if you were the men she say she no want to run into... She seem nice...."

Enzo's voice continues as normal, the town in his voice returning to as it once was.

"Ancora, you no even say what they do wrong, I hope it nothing serious to have a dozen men looking for them."

Enzo finishes the radio broadcast with "Stai bene, Capitaine."

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  • MVP

As Ben hears the man talking about Kabanino being Paris he quickly pushes the button of his radio.


..Ahoj, Mister Captain why don't you take your New Paris back to the Monarchy of France? What the fuck are you doing in our country! You think you own land from Chernarus? YOU STUPID FENA! This is our land not yours and your french colony. I suggest you get out of the country and try your New Paris somewhere else....


...And also..If I pass Kabanino and see Eiffel Tower there I will hang your man from the top.



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  • Sapphire

*Capitaine Monteil voice comes alive over the radio waves.*

"I don't understand your attitude, I have done nothing but help the people of this land and you seem to be aggravated by me setting up a area to help people. If you have a problem feel free to contact the civil branch. Which may I add is lead by locals. Have a good day sir and even with your attitude leaving much to be desired you are welcome in our city"

*The Radio waves go quite once again*

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