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Open Frequency Contacting 501st


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  • Sapphire

John sits in his new found quarters in New Paris, he begins to remove his shirt looking at old scars from past battles. Staring at one he thinks to himself of the times he protected The Refuge during his time in the 501st. He grabs his walkie and begins to speak.

"This is First Lieute... this is John Roberts, former member of the 501st. To those who are shock to hear this old voice again, here is a bit of prove.," He begins to sings, "A tanker and a engineer once found a gallon can, said the Tanker to the Engineer out drink me if ya can!, The Tanker took three drinks and died, his face was turning green. But the Engineer kept drinking, it was only gasoline." He stops, coughs, and with a bit of anger and sadness in his voice begins to speak again.

"To any 501st, former or still active, if your still out there I would like to meet. I have so many questions and I don't wish to talk it over the radio." He punches his desk causing a glass to fall that can be heard over the walkie. "Please contact me! A S A P! Roberts out." The walkie goes silent.

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*Bryce hears the transmission and responds*

"Some remain of the 501st, I bet you are from before my time lad. That 501st you probably knew is dead, we have different.. principals now. As you say, too much for radio chatter, too many listeners that would yearn to know. I will be in touch, I can meet whenever you deem fit."

*He releases the button and lays back in his chair. Thinking to himself on what the man in the radio fully desires*

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  • Sapphire

John picks up his walkie and responds to the man.

"I'm not familiar with your voice stranger. However, if you were with the 501st at one time I would like to meet. I will be in New Paris all day tomorrow. If you could meet me there that would be grate, if not give me a location and Ill go there. Roberts out."

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  • 2 weeks later...

*Will hears the men talking about the 501st*

Hey up lad, I was in the 501st in its last few weeks. I can't say I have heard your voice mate.

Me and some of the blokes own a house in New Paris, the cream coloured one. Just knock on the door and one of use might answer.

Hope I helped you duck.


*He put his radio back in his bag*

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  • Sapphire

John looks on at the house that he has seen the men mention. He picks up his walkie and replies.

"This is Roberts. It seems the 501st lost its former glory from back when I was in it. I'm not sure who to blame for that. I have met these "501st" and learn that they are nothing more than some common..." John holds his tong not wanting to start some fire fight in New Paris. My only concern now is if I should reinitiate the 501st and take command. From my understanding the 501st fail do to no longer enlisting former Military or training civi's, they just hired any ol' thug on the street. Those thugs in turn, gain influence and took the company from the way of protecting and serving the people of South Zagoria to protecting and serving the highest bidder, they went from some of the greatest soldiers in this area to nothing more than some common gang. I have to consider if bringing the 501st back is the thing to do." John looks up at the night sky, thinking of the pass. "Ha, it's funny..." he begins to sing an old song. "Navajo boy stares at the sky. Tired of the reservation life. He has hopes, he has dreams. Joins the United States Marines. Marine works hard, he pulls his weight. His people are proud, He's a hero they say. When he comes home, gonna be great day. But somewhere in a desert, The Marine died... For me." He takes a second and continues. " Ill do it... in the memory of Mellisa Dash, all I can do is... Essayons. This is First Lieutenant John Roberts of the 501st, Out."

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  • Sapphire

*Elijah listens to the broadcast, and responds*

"This is Elijah Storm. The 501st is no more. Those whome call themselves 501st are merely pretending. They disrespect the name, and do as they please. John, if you're hearing this, me and Lucas are still around. We could use a good man like you."

*He pauses for a moment, as he writes something down*

"Contact me on the old frequency, we'll talk further."

*He flicks his radio to a different channel, and hopes to hear a response soon*

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*Bryce hears Storms voice and chuckles he had been waiting on his reply*

*He responds*

"Oh Storm, You have no right to dictate what we are and what we stand for. You deserted us in our time of need.. then bashed us for reasons we couldn't understand. Leadership switched hand and hand until we were torn apart from the inside. The only person who can be blamed for disrespecting the name... is yourself. Leading us into the ground, watching as we slowly became corrupt. You were  consumed by your self efficacy .. blind to everything that mattered. That is when you directed your hate and wrongdoing upon us. I feel sorry for Hicks I really do. Tricking him into your web of lies when you were the one enforcing us to shun him when he came to talk after he stepped down. Take pride in your accomplishments Storm, even if they are disastrous."  

*His brow furrows, saddened*

"Mr. John, though we have not met, and you could find yourself to be untrusting of a stranger, Those of us who wanted to preserve the sanctity of the 501st , have all gone into hiding.. Most. I myself sit in a cabin, alone. The only thing I look forward to is talking to my nephew and friends when I go to visit or vice versa. We all did questionable things in the name of our own self righteousness, but we regret every day those we have wronged. If you wish to revive the 501st.. I feel you can turn  things around, turn it good and whole again. Or die trying. I will go to new France soon, maybe have a chat."

*He sits back in his chair and utters his final words*

"Godspeed John Roberts, heed my advice, choose your friends wisely... This is Captain Bryce White of the 501st.... Wishing you good luck"

"As if titles matter anymore.."

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  • Sapphire

John listens to Storm and the others man voice and lifts up his walkie to reply.

"Storm... I heard you where dead by these False 501st. You are right they do disrespect the name, they don't know the sacrifices made or the battles fought. From what I been told they constantly went around to that old tower causing trouble." 

John takes a moment to think of what next to say.

"I have heard from many sources, that you, Storm, cause the company to fail. If its true or not I am not 100% sure. All I know was back when you where still a Sergeant you were very aggressive."

He takes a deep breath and continues, in the back ground a few shots can be heard.

"I would like to meet Storm, I would like to see Hicks again. I need to know what happen."

John stops thinking of what the other man said.

"Captain White was it, I will meet with you in New Paris. I would like to talk. I'm not sure what your allegiances were before this outbreak. I still hold the Army Values. Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Courage. With out these a man, not just a soldier, is worthless. If I see you have any of these qualities, then I will know you can be trusted. Roberts Out."

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  • Sapphire

*Trudging through the woods Lucas overhears the transmission. He raises his radio to speak but then pauses unsure what to say tucks his radio away and continues walking along smiling then whispers to himself "Good luck Roberts your going to need it".* 

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  • Sapphire

*Jamie Adams hear the frequency and smiles* "Gonna be good to see old friends."

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  • Sapphire

*Emile sets down his Vodka when his radio goes of and the voice begins playing*

What is this eh? A bunch of Foreigners who think they can take the supplies that belong to the people of Chernarus!


I will not allow this, better yet, WE will not allow this...

I am sure you will me us yet... foreigners.

Vraťte se do své země ... předtím, než jsme vás tam poslat v tašce

*The transmission ends*

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