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Unknown & Unheard [102.5]

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*A fuzzy, unrecognisable voice is heard.*

Crimes will never go unpunished, there will always be a retribution.

As for the man who shot me "dead", he will face justice.

*The voice becomes more clear. The man sounds eastern.*

And to who ever is listening I am the man with no name - the man who is still alive.

You know who I am...


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*Shocked, he takes out his radio quickly to hear the message.

He says to himself "Is that him? Is he alive?".

He walks over to the hillside and looks over towards the horizon as the sun rises.

Hastily, he holds down his transmit button for a few seconds.

A dull voice, unrecognisable to most, comes through the radio.*

"Our old frequency. I...I, I thought you were dead...."

*He quickly releases his transmit button and hopes for the best*

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