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The Lone Ranger

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Oh how he loved the smell of the crisp, morning air. It was one of the only things that was left from the world everyone once knew. Kozak couldn't help but let out a smile as he inhaled deeply. 


He had been up here for almost three days now. It was kind of peaceful actually. He had never thought a deer stand would become one of his favorite new campgrounds, so it came as a surprise at first. 


Kozak lay back down and began to reminisce about his old life. Thinking back, he remembered when he met his wife Ashley at his first football game, back in high school. How she had been the only person to get him to open up, and how she was the only girl he had ever fallen in love with. He began to smile and he remembered all their special dates, all those nights she had snuck over just to be with him. His smile only grew as he remembered the day he asked her to marry him and when he found out she was pregnant. How easy it was to get lost in thought thinking about her, thinking about their life. 

"Ashley would love the landscape here."

She wouldn't look like she'd be an outdoors kind of girl from first glance, but that added to her charm. She loved to go hunting with him . There was always a special glint in her eyes when she scored a kill, and when she'd jump up in excitement, oh god, that would always get his heart racing. 

So when Kozak showed her their new house in Berryville, she was practically shedding tears of joy. A nice open outback, wildlife everywhere. He loved her so much. He'd do anything for her. He did everything for her. 

His smile abruptly stopped when he remembered how that all ended. How when he came home, She was dead. Her body being ravaged .How he was using her like a child's plaything. How it all ended so so quickly..

Kozak sat up and checked his weapon. 


  He gently lay his Winchester over the tender wood, peering over the hill that was down below him. 

He couldn't help but smile again as he waited for his prey. 

But he wasn't hunting for deer. 

He was hunting people.

Those with intent to harm others.  Those damn savages who claimed they could save the survivors.

Those sociopaths who like to play God with other's lives. 

Those kinds of people who took Ashley from him.

With a shuddering breath, Kozak finally lost his train of thought and  uttered one final sentence

"I won't fail you, not again baby, Ill make you proud."

And with that, he sat in silence.



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  • Sapphire

This very interesting! Very nice and formatting and such. Good luck with this character :)

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  • MVP

Ooooo loving a good new read! :D

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