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IC, OOC and blurred lines with forums?


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So today I received some good information which I know my group will be interested in and while talking to an offline member it was stated that I should remember to tell them in game which got me thinking about the group forums.  Now I know that if I were to use the radio chatter forums, that this is IC information which can be used, but my question relates solely to the use of a Group forum to share information.

  1. Can we use our group forums to share IC info, say for example I was to title it "Broadcast over [freq]" so that only those with access to that particular forum could see it?  If not, then what is the issue/distinction between using the radio chatter forums?
  2. If this isn't an issue, does it specifically need to be titles as an IG communication or is information shared on a group forum which relates to IG matters automatically taken as IC information?

Personally, I think if it falls within a groups own forum and relates specifically to IG matters then there shouldn't be an issue and would simply be another perk that applies to approved groups, but I am curious as to whether there is any issue with this, and if so what peoples opinions on this are.

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  • MVP

1. Yes you are allowed to use the group forums in order to create a thread where you would transmit the IC info you wanted.

2. No quite sure about this one. I'll say that it matters and it should probably be better if you done it like a radio transmission.

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  • Emerald


From the rules, that means that if your character learns of stuff outside of the game or any IC sources it is metagaming. Therefor even in the private forums information has to be shared like in a radio broadcast so that your character can hear it and thus know it.

Does that answer your question?

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In my opinion radio chatters on private frequ / in the private forums are a good thing. 

you can easy share Ic-Info & I love to write radio chatters :D

For the fact that Teamspeak is used as a radio: you could tell your group while hanging out in ts and say "take this as ic info".

I believe thats common.

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  • Sapphire

It depends on how you received the good information. If you gathered this information In Game while In Character then yes you can share that information with others ICly. However if you were to gather this IC information OOCly and share it with other ICly that would be metagaming. Now for the two questions. 

1: You are allowed to use your private forums to conduct a private RP radio chatter. So you can transmit an IC message to your members so that they will be the only ones to see it. 

2: As for this question JUST to be safe I would title it as an IC communications in the title or simply put [iC]. That is coming from my own personal opinion and experience as I have done PMs and TS where people would go "This In Character?". So I would say just to be on the safe side so that no one in your group gets confused just adding the [iC] at the end would clear up any misunderstandings that may arise. 

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To avoid any chances of being called out for Metagaming, I would just stick with making a Radio Chatter on the Radio Chatter forum section, just put it as a private frequency that only Jackals would have. However I do think you are aloud to put anything in your groups private forums and label it IG, I would just make it like a Radio Chatter.

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  • Sapphire


You can to like other have said, and mark the message with (IC) or something similar, and there should not be a problem sending

IC messages on your private forums.

I Will mark this as /Solved

If you have anymore questions about this, we will un-solve it.

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