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Broadcast To Angelina Lier

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* Sean fumbles through an old desk looking for supplies when he comes across an old record along with a battery powered record player, he pulls out both of them and slots a 9 volt battery into the designated space at the back. After a while, he places the record under the needle and presses play whilst he had duct taped the Push to talk button on the radio *

Call me cheesy but i couldn't care less ... This is for you Angelina Lier from Sean Kelly.


* After the song had finished, static could be heard as the transmission ended *

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Angelina sits in a house resting her head against the wall as she peels her fresh picked apples. Suddenly hearing some voice from the radio say her name she stops to listen, while whats being said makes her stare surprised at the radio until she is interrupted by static in the end. Wondering what just happened, she still put on a smile and reach for the radio, transmitting her voice

"I'm always grateful for some music, thank you Sean"

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