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Down time after Fallout 4

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So... here I am... Wanting to trudge around the server and can't due to a Fallout 4 encounter.  The game is very much enjoyable and you can get lost in time making a base and not even realize 8 hours ticked by.  The mistake I made though was playing the game with a Video card a whole generation below the minimum called for GPU.  I was using a ATI HD 6870, I got about 14 hours of Fallout done before the GPU died.  The same exact symptoms when the HD 4870 died.  That older one died while I was playing DayZ mod.  Fallout 4 calls for a minimum of a HD 7800 series.  So... here I am... limited to destop stuff.

My next card was going a GTX 960, but with a few sales going on, I managed to snag a R9 380.  So another ATI brand card.  I don't hold a loyalty to either company.  So going Geforce Would have been a nice change as I hear the shadow play is a nice thing.  Just the 380 performs better than the 960 and going for the same price it was a easy choice.  I know, both of thies cards are below the standard of most players here, but this range is already twice as good as the performance card I had when it was new.  So I am looking forward to see how much DayZ standalone will do in performance.  Since I built the computer, the video card was a carry over from the old machine, so the video card was the bottle neck, the new one will still be the bottle neck, just not to the extent that it was.  Only left now is to wait for the thing to arive in the mail, while expecting delays because of the holiday rush.  I'll be back, once this card comes in.

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