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Permanent Ban Appeal-Alt Account

Guest sparkri1313

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Guest sparkri1313

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

136 days ago or so, my main account was hijacked and VAC Banned on two of my games, while I was out of town with little to no internet access. Valve has been little help with this, so since then I've made a new account. I was able to buy CS:GO, but not able to buy DayZ. I now have DayZ again, and I would like to get back into DayZ RP, because it is the best way to enjoy DayZ for me. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I can find the steam support tickets and emails if you would like, so I can prove that I was not in charge of my account at the time. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

I would like to be granted access to this account, so I can get back to being part of the DayZ RP community, as this was the best way for me to enjoy the game. I would also like further details about the white listing process. My old account was a Donor account and I was in fairly good standing. Would the white list carry over or would I have to restart? That's if I'll ever even be able to play on DayZ RP again. 

What could you have done better?:

I don't believe I could have done much better. I didn't give out my steam password to anyone, so I don't see how I could have further prevented this from happening.

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Just to clarify, you were banned for having two DayZRP accounts, not Steam accounts.

With that in mind, why would you make a brand new DayZRP account? You clearly have access to the other account, and upon your last time whitelisting, you agreed that you would not have more than one account on our forums. Why would you not contact staff before creating this account?

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Guest sparkri1313

I made a second account, because my previous one had been VAC banned when it was Hijacked. I wasn't trying to do it in any malicious way, or with bad intentions. I did so because I knew I couldn't access DayZ RP with my old account. I had just figured that there was no way around the VAC ban on my old account. Plus it had been so long. I wasn't able to get a new copy of DayZ until just recently.

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So you knew that your old account had a VAC ban, but chose to circumvent it with a new account?

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Guest sparkri1313

I did so thinking it was the only way around this problem. I know you guys honor all VAC bans, so I wasn't able to do anything before. Like I said, I just got the new copy of DayZ about two days ago. So I figured now was the time to try and get back into it. I knew I couldn't do so with the old account, so I made the new account, while being ready to explain myself in a way such as this.

I have a friend who is still currently a member of DayZ RP, who was with me at the time of the VAC ban. He was there for my reaction and everything. If needed, I can have him come and help. He can explain everything he knows.

If you guys would like, I can gather screenshots of my support ticket from the time of the VAC ban.

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Let's start from the beginning,

Earlier this year, you created this account and whitelisted. Roughly 136 days ago, the Steam account linked with that profile was given a VAC ban. You claim that your account was hijacked, resulting in your Steam account gaining the ban. While this claim may be true, you do not bring forth any evidence to help prove your case.

As you already know, we honour all VAC bans. This is stated in the rules here.

If your Steam account was truly hijacked, the proper way to handle your situation would have been to contact a member of staff as soon as you learnt of the hijacking. From there, you would have had to contact Steam support in order to confirm that it was a hijacking. If you gained evidence to prove your claims as correct, you would have to hand the evidence into the Staff team so we could verify that what you would be telling us is the truth.

You did none of this.

Instead, you created a second forum and Steam account in order to circumvent your VAC ban. You agreed to the conditions stated on the whitelist page and proceeded with a whitelist attempt on your new account. Here is the page stating the conditions;


You knowingly broke the agreement you made regarding the creation of a second account while also using it as a means of circumventing your VAC ban. This is something that we will not tolerate.

If you had of contacted us first and notified us on your situation, this would have likely went a different route.

Even if you are able to gain evidence regarding your VAC ban, we do not see a need to allow you back into our community as a result of your actions.

If you create anymore accounts in order to circumvent this ban, we will find them and you will end up in the same predicament that you are currently in.


Appeal Denied - Ban holds for both accounts + posting rights revoked

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