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*Rob plops onto the floor of a house and presses The transmit button of his radio*

"I hope you all wouldn't mind if I played this song...I don't know how to voice my feelings on the situation I'm in right now. Maybe this can offer some insight whoever offers me advice." 

*Rob Holds the button down until the song ends  and Hopes someone can sympathize with him.* 


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*Rob Hears the man and Responds*

"I know its not the best song ever, but I don't know if I am still a human being anymore... I've killed three people but there was no other way out they wanted to kill Innocent People. I was so filled with Rage that, even though the third was scared and was running away I...I gunned him down. I don't know why this haunts me to this day. Everybody I talked to after the incident thanked me, but I feel like a murderer. not because of the first or second bandit I killed, just that third kill...He was running away, he knew he made a mistake...And I punished him for it with two shots to his back."

*Rob takes a deep breath, and releases the transmit button.*

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  • Sapphire

*Tucker sighs after hearing the back and forth between the two men and depresses the PTT to speak*

"Killing is nothing. Not anymore... or really not even before. You kill to save yourself. One dead body is one less threat... or one more... just make sure you don't kill someone important eh?"

*He releases the PTT and sighs again. He waits for someone to respond to his transmission.*

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