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Message to the Zbor [Open Frequency]


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  • Sapphire

*Nikolai picks up his radio and starts transmitting*

*An anthem can be heard throughout the transmission*


"Starting today the French Foreign Legion and her allies are occupying your precious capital."

*Anthem can still be heard in the background*

"Kabinino will now be the center of aid and support for anyone not supporting these dogs and denouncing their fascists ideals. All individuals who defect from the movement will also be treated equally and fairly"

*A final pause, the anthem continues*

"For all citizens of South Zagoria. When you think about supporting these 'Zbor' remember, they have done nothing for you. Instead of aiding the people of Chernarus they rob and pillage your towns and your people."

"The Legion is, and always will be, the superior and virtuous force."

*Transmission ends*      

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Branko listens to the broadcast with a puzzled frown. He thinks for a moment before reaching for his radio and making a reply.

''French? are those the small, effette peoples, who keep squealing over the airwaves?'

He scratches his chin, and continues , his tone conversational.

''I fear you are eh, confused ano? the capital is named Novigrad.''

Clearing his throat he speaks again, this time in his own language.

''Bratrs, I am out of the loop, as they say. Who are these people, and why do they say such things?'

He leans back comfortably, and awaits a reply from his brothers.

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  • Sapphire

*Tucker while scanning through frequencies picks up on the message being broadcast by the French Foreign Legion. He starts to chuckle, and realizes the pain in his left side was starting to subside. Laughing no longer caused him great pain. He picks up his radio and tries to remember a quote he read years ago. Once he remembers the quote, he briefly practices his pronunciation as one of the Zbor members comments about the Legion's broadcast. After the man stops speaking he depresses the PTT and speaks with flawed pronunciation, but still good enough to determine what has been said.*

"La mort n'est rien, mais vivre vaincu et sans gloire, c'est mourir tous les jours"

*He starts to chuckle again and ends his transmission.*

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The unknown man listens to the French voice emitting from his radio, acknowledging what is to be said. He notices the sound of the voice from previous broadcasts, and thus searches through the draws in his office to bring out the profile on Liuetenant Nikolai Rykov. The man presses the PTT on his radio, with a deep Chernarussian voice emitting through the frequency*

To whomever may be listening to this, I would like to bring to light the truth on these 'French'. *A pause of silence fills the radio for 2 second*. These individuals, who call themselves 'The French Foreign Legion' seek to deny you of your liberty and exploit you, the working people, into affairs which bring rise to their power. The only goals and desires they have are to aid themselves, in which inevitably results in exploitation of you, you being the hard-working people of Chernarus. This has been demonstrated by their countless robberies and murders, not to mention their alliance with the Pestilence.

*Silence once again fills the radio for roughly 5 seconds*

The man you heard broadcast this message is one of these men, known as Lieutenant Nikolai Rykov. If you listen to his radio messages frequently, you know all he has to bring into various frequencies is death and pestilence. *The voice becomes a lot more inquisitive, with its volume increasing slightly* This is prove in itself and so obviously this destructive man, who has no sense of morality, would want to crush the one thing which stands for renewal, rebirth and peace: Zbor - The National Renewal Movement. Neutrality is not enough for this man, for he will gut you like a pig if you do not bow down to his 'superiority'. One thing is made clear from this message of his, my fellow people. He refers to the 'Legion' as the 'superior and virtuous force', thus meaning that you must bow down to this 'superiority' and praise them just so this 'force' does not wipe you out. *Laughing can be heard* We know you are stronger than them, so do not fear. Show them the Chernarus culture!


I will not waste anymore time in these petty affairs, but I shall listen. 

*The unknown man lets go of the PTT*

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  • Sapphire

*Gary Robinson looks into the town of Kabanino as he hears the transmission from a Legionnaire... Gary picks up his radio and begins to reply...*

"My name is Gary Robinson, and I am in full support of the French Foreign Legion's decision to eradicate ZBOR from Chernarus. I have heard horror stories from every person of how terrible the ZBOR people are. From rummaging through civilian belongings, to kidnapping innocent people who've done no wrong. The ZBOR must be stopped, and the French Foreign Legion must live on...

What has ZBOR done for anyone anyways? I was being held captive... with a gun to my head and who rescued me? French Foreign Legion. Isn't that unusual? A group of French individuals can save a civilian better than a group of Chernarussians can in their own country...

To the French, you have helped me a lot, and I know I sound like a broken record player, but I'll say it again: I owe you and your men. I owe you my life - what's left of it -, and I will be of service whenever needed. Thank you..."

*Gary lets go of the transmit button and awaits a reply...*

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*An unknown voice comes through, several Chernarussian voices are heard in the background*

 Ici, l'organisation Zbor national, par ce message on voudrait vous montrer que nous sommes multi-culturele. Le moindre qu'on 

puisse dire c'est que c'est curieux q'un legion étrangère se trouve supèrieur au même temps que ses membres sont au final que 

des criminels et des parias. C'est peut-être pour ça que vous êtes mal informé par apport à notre organisation Zbor national, contrairement de ce que vous pensez nous sommes pas des bandits ou des parias. On peut pas dire la même chose de votre alliance, par example les 'Wong'.

Si on a maintenant passé l'introduction, alors temps à la message, c'est une déclaration de guerre. Zbor a comme interêt principal, le protection des peuples de Chernarus, n'importe leur origin. On profite de ce message pour vous informer que votre info par apport de notre capitale est faux.

C'est avec grande anticipation qu'on regarde vers le futur, ou beaucoup de drapeaux blanches seront à aperçevoir, comme dans la

Seconde Guerre Mondiale.

*Static ensues as the man stops speaking, but shortly after music starts playing*


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*Transmission starts*

Indeed our information was out-dated but soon after we established our HQ at your old capital, one of your so called friends informed us that it is now at Grishino. After your forces retreated out of Grishino, our allied forces took over your capital.

Oh and for the french speaking chernarussian ... War has already been declared when we brought to fight to you, apparently that wasn't very clear?

I'll meet you soon on the battlefield, your government shall not stand, VIVE LA REVOLUTION !

*Transmission ends*

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Maybe get rid of some of your dead weight you call allies and you will gain more powerful allies? 

*transmission ends*

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  • Emerald

-Finnr slowly walks across the fields of kabanino looking at all the casings on the grounds bullet holes and traces of blood the walls of the church in the distance could easily be seen as a ruin its current state was not very desirable bullet holes left and right on the thing, Finnr wondered who would win the long predicted war. But one thing was for certain this would end with more casualties than humanity should be taking. He wondered if he should still care.-

-Finnr clicks on the radio-

"This fight will not determine who is right or wrong. This fight will show who is weak.

I have wondered for a while will these friends and family lost for both party's be worth it in the end?

When one of us all realises...

None of us will be left."

Goodluck with this war gentleman, cause the face of death it never changes.


-Finnr clicks off the radio-

-wondering if Drew Griffin perished in this fight.... Wondering if Marek was still alive. But at the same time.... who was still left on the side of Zbor? the casualties should have been more than enough for both party's to realise this war was futile attempt of a power display, A well...... All will show in the end-

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  • Sapphire

*Zoya yawns, she had been thinking about the words being spoken over the radio for a while.  In a bored sounding voice she begins to transmit over the radio.*

Miluju Černarusi . Narodil jsem se a tady zvednutý . Tato země je nejkrásnější země na světě . Občané této země strávili roky vychystávání strany. Strávili jsme roky sledováním našich krajanů zemřít za ideály. Je to všechno nesmysl . Francouzské cizinecké legie jsou dobří lidé . Jsou to laskavý a starostlivý . Pomáhat těm, kteří ji potřebují , a my jsme zde trávit svůj čas vymýtit zlo.

Tak říkám do rady lidí .... Kdo ví, co teď začal konflikt mezi vámi a francouzského lidu . Jediná věc, pro některé je, že vaše arogance a hloupost je teprve ve chvíli , aby si více lidí zabito . Možná je na čase přestat myslet na sebe jako lepší než všichni ostatní , a stačí přijít k závěru, že všechny lidské životy jsou důležité , a vaše zpět do starého světa způsobu myšlení je poškozen. Slož zbraně a okamžitě omluvit těmto mužům . Znamenají , že nebude ublížit nevinné lidi . Je na čase uzdraví naši zemi , a ne ji rozdělit znovu .

* a long pause *

Kromě toho, myšlení můžete zničit francouzské cizinecké legie , je hloupý . Jsou silnější , a jsou podpořeny mnohem větší ideály než vy . Takže poslouchat slova Mluvil jsem své kolegy domorodce . Jen proto, že nárok zbor být hlas naší země ..... Žádám vás , že nebude slepě následovat je. Budou vám zabít , dostanou vaši přátelé zabiti. Jmenuji se Zoya Bastyr , a zatímco já nechci bojovat mé země muže, budu porážet každého, kdo napadá můj způsob života. Za svobodu .

*Zoya takes the battery out of her radio and slips it in her pocket.  Looking around a bit she hurls the radio off a sleeping Nikolai's head.  She then pretends to be asleep, grinning to herself.*

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  • Sapphire

Marek picks up his radio and presses down the PTT

Proč to mám více respektu od Frenchmen, pak jsem si své vlastní lidi? Kdysi jsem být součástí Volki jsem bojoval po boku většina těchto lidí. Nyní ZBOR je asi .. Já ani nevím, kdo tito lidé jsou. Chtít tvořit Státní správa. K čemu je Státní správa, kteří se nemohou ani chránit lidi říkají, že chrání?

A moment of silince.

I will fight with the French, I do not want to kill bratr's but they brought it upon themsefl.

Marek ends his transmission and begins cleaning his SVD.

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  • Legend


Enzo listens to many of the broadcasts coming through the walkie talkies 2 inch speaker. He listens, not knowing what half of the people are saying because he doesn't speak the language. A man who's voice he recognizes speaks, and he decides to respond.

"Signore, no man has a decision made for them. The decision always upato the man making it. To think anything other, is just trying to shift blame."

Enzo pauses a moment.

"I would hope a man I broke bread with before would have realize that before, but maybe I'ma wrong."

"Stai bene, signore."

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  • Sapphire

*Sean pushes down the transmit button on his radio slowly*

" You know, I've never been to war... But I have to say, I think it'll be pretty fun to watch.... Good luck, boys... "

*He ends the transmission abruptly*

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  • Sapphire

*Vit stands in a field he picks up a red beret that was on the ground, he decides to send a message*

This isn't war, this is pest control 

*Vit puts down his radio

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  • Legend

An unknown voice comes through.

Get over yourself. War? Everyone's got their own war to fight. 

You hear a click, followed by silence. 

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