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Message to Joe Harry [Open Frequency]

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*A deep voice with a German accent is heard, muffled by a gas mask*

Harry? Harry! God damn it, are you on that frequency? For Christ's sake Harry, you can't hide from me forever. I'm watching you, even right now. You recognize this voice? Oh yeah you do. I hope you still have that.. Lucky stone I gave you? I swear to god I hope you still have it, because I will find out, and if I find out you don't, even that Stary Sobor cowboy 'Blake' won't save you. No one will come to save you if I find out you don't have that damn lucky stone, because I want it back Harry, I want it back right now! And I will recognize it. Don't you hope that you can just give me any stone, I will recognize it, I swear. Give me my stone back!

*Radio is thrown against something, crackling of leaves is heard, feet approaching it*

Is this thing still working? Hello..?


I want my stone back, Harry, or I will hunt down that red animal I talked about, rememb-- of course you do.. see you Harry, see you soon.

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Riviaira pulled the radio to her mouth, her tone monotone with a slight twang of darkness.

"Hello there Mr. M. From what I have overheard from Blake you're trying to... Hurt my friend. I've heard you want to take my friend Harry into a forest. I've heard a lot about you. Now listen, I use to be a girl who had morals, who wouldn't hurt a fly. I wouldn't hurt a fly."

Her voice becomes sarcastic, as she rolls her eyes, continuing to talk. Her head bobbing side to side with facial expressions showing her sarcastic anger.

"And things happened and yada yada yadadadada. Listen. Don't fuck with the people I love. Stay away from him and we will be good, but if I have heard you have hurt a hair on his body. I promise you I will kill you myself, and my boy..."

She holds back her laughter, the girl wasn't losing her mind. Just her patience with people who think they could threaten the innocent, people she loved and cared for. She was sick to death of insane people having there way and hurting others for stupid little things.

"I won't hold myself back when I do. I will make sure you see the hell on earth before you decay in the ground."

She grips the radio harder, anger flaring in her voice. 

"Harry is one of the most innocent people I know. Stay. The. Fuck. Away."

She pauses for a moment, smiling in the process, a jolly expression as one would say.

"Now, I'll be on my way. I'll get the stone back. And I'll collect every tool I need just in case you pull any stupid moves. Ok? Ok. Buh bye Mr. M"

The radio cuts off without another response of the girl. Her mood just changed just like her changing her clothing.

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*Crackling noises and quite curses are heard*

Lady? And who were you again? That lass that was traveling with that ehr- Chloe or something? But wait, who cares anyways. I just wanted to make.. 

*Loud static noises that make the voice inaudible*

F- *static* th- *static* go- *static*

*Beating against the radio becomes a little more audible each time*

C- *static* *Thund* hell--o *static* *Thund* this damn piece of- *static* *Thund* I want my stone back! And saying hell on earth? Look outside girl, there is nothing you can do to make this god for saken place more hell than it is now! You want to kill me? At least those voices will *static* -lly st- *static* only men seeking to achieve a goal want to live, but you can't take anything from a man who has noth- *static*

*More loud swooshing sounds are emitted*

Why did you throw that rad- *static* you need to learn to co- *static* your anger. 

*Communication breaks down after a period of two minutes of white noise*

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*The radio jumps to life as another very low quality message attempts to come through*

Harry? J- *static* Harry? We- ehr, I hope you're there. It's alright, I'm not about to say an- *static* -ing dumb again. It's me, Emmerich. Listen Harry, there are some things I re- *static* in life, but I want you to know, Emm is sorry. I don't know what he wanted- I mean, *sigh* I don't kno- *static* what happened back then, but please, don't be afraid anymore, we won't bother you again.. ever.

*The transmission ends*

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