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Suspected Underage Ban

Guest RealityBreaker

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Guest RealityBreaker

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

There is no link I got banned out of nowhere with no evidence.

Why the verdict is not fair:

I was banned for suspected underage, because I don't sound like I am 17. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I am 17 and I had to redo my whitelist and I got blacklisted/banned for no reason at all.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

I would like to get an unban to play on this amazing server.

note: I sended the e-mail of my ID with the note DayZRP - RealityBreaker

note: I couldn't remember the email of my account which is linked so I made another one.

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Guest RealityBreaker

Thats not me some probably liked my name or so

I swear to god I am in love with dayzrp experience and I am devastated that I am banned.

note: you have my ID and paper with DayZRP - RealityBreaker

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Guest RealityBreaker

Okay I lied about it because I know you will never believe me. My little brother doesn't have a good gaming pc but he did like youtube so I decided to help him out and when he was ready to fully focus on his youtube channel I would help him by uploading dayzrp for him. He never began that youtube channel and I forgot to change my steam link. The reason I got my RP name Tom Ragoll which is my little brother's name who is 14.

Tom is my little brothers name* Ragoll is just something I came up with

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It is very simple, you lied to us and now you tried to remove all evidence.

The youtube account, the email address, that you removed all evidence after we called you out on it - That is enough for us to believe that all this was not your "brother". We heard the "it was my brother" -excuse way to often in every possible variation.

It is your account and you are 14 years old. On DayZRP you have to be 16 years in order to play here.

You also created a second account which is against our rules:


You lied in the first place and we do not believe you.

"A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future".

-Author Unknown

Appeal denied.

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