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Old player hoping to return

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Having stopped playing DayzRP about a year and a half ago (or something around that, can't remember the exact time), I have began to miss the one-of-a-kind experience this community allowed me to experience, and I'm back with a new account (forgot my old whitelisted one lol) and hopefully will be re-accepted. Doubt anyone would remember me I wasn't well-known and mostly just hung around camps and swapped stories. Very excited to hopefully be able to play here again, looking forward to meeting everyone! :D

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Well I mean I'm sure I could find my old account somewhere and provide proof it was inactive. When I played I played in the mod server, it was that long ago. I understand that this community is very strict (understandably so) with the rules but I'm willing to do anything I can to clear myself. I could probably find a way to get my old account back if it is 100% necessary I just thought that since it had been so long this may be a better option. Regardless, if i'm banned i'll be disappointed but i'll accept it. Not going to cause a scene.

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