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RDM Clarification


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  • Sapphire


Me and 3 other friends were in Electro last night, and 1 of them decides to go into the police station. He noticed that the doors on the middle level were locked, so assuming that no one was around, he proceeded to shoot the doors open.

After shooting a door open he gets shot and killed, little did we know there was a guy 'reading a book' in one of the rooms. The guy in the room was silent in-game, after around 10 mins of persuasion he eventually came down and we tortured him, didnt take any stuff and he now has a nice scar.

Was this RDM? Should Hermes of indicated he was shooting the doors open, Electro was quiet we assumed no one was around. Should the man in the police station shouted IG?

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  • Titanium

It is possible that the person that was inside of the building at the time misinterpreted the shots as hostile. From what you're describing, it sounds like straight up KoS due to neither party having legitimate KoS rights on one another.

~ Was there an initiation at all?

~ Was there any contact between either party before your friend started to shoot the doors?

~ Were you and your group speaking in-game at all so that the opposing party would gain knowledge of your presence?

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  • Sapphire

Thanks for your response Sung, quite simply it is a no to all 3 questions. No IG chat, no initiation and no IG contact. I'll ask Hermes if he wants to proceed to file a report.

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  • Titanium

If you choose to do, that is your choice. Make sure that you include any video evidence.

However, I truly hope you are able to speak it out with this person so that it can be settled on your own terms.

I will mark this as solved.

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