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Bunny's Backstory

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My name is bunny, and I guess that my last name doesn't really matter at this point does it. I was just your normal

type of girl, never been really good at anything, I would say I am kind, sweet individual, despite my loudness and

spurts of randomness.I own a little book store down the street, its not great but its special to me.

I will begin my tale. This is an unedited account of my life during the outbreak,

I have not held anything back, nor have I taken out or changed anything to the reality of what happened. All of the

people in this story are real; everything they say and do is real, has happened and was laughed at or cried over.

So, please take the time to read my tale, learn something and maybe you’ll be able to survive if this ever happens


The day it all started, As I made my way down Broad Street heading home from work,ignoring the glares of the people I slipped between,

I saw the first fleet of ambulances and fire trucks flying down the street, with the sirens sounding their audible pleas of

compliance. Now, this wasn't altogether a rare sight; in the city someone always gets shot, or there's a fire somewhere, but

the sheer number of vehicles driving down the congested street was astounding. That's why today I took

notice and got off the streets as fast as possible. After passing by the tracks where the trains were running, I walked

down a few streets to Thirteenth Street and came back onto the streets. Nothing much had changed since I saw the fire

trucks and ambulances, but I could feel something was wrong. It was kind of like that feeling that you know somebody changed

something about your room but you just couldn't place your finger on it.

I didn't know it at the time, but tomorrow was the beginning of something much worse, I need to go to sleep, too tired from the day to really

worry about any phantom problems. I pulled my blanket tight to my body curling up into a ball. I was asleep, dreaming in spurts, and rolling

around through the night. Sadly that was the beginning of the last days I would ever get a full night's sleep. after that day the moans

and sirens would be too loud to allow any type of rest.

Since the world has gone to Hell, I finally found what I'm good at. I'm sure no one would have guess that would

blowing these "things" back to Hell would be my forte. Although the world has gone to Hell, I'm here to make sure you

don't go down with it. Hi, my name is bunny. I'll be defending you for this trip. Now do me a favor, and don't

get yourself killed.

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Guest Demarcus King

Haha great story!

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