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A message to Mr Wong [Open Frequency]


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  • Emerald

*The frequency awakes to live*

So Mr Wong, what is it again?

Something that Alcyone is not neutral? 


*The German sounding voice seems more than just annoyed*

Yada, yada, yada insert explanation of neutrality, yada, yada, yada insert the fucks we give after you just robbed a friend of us again yada, yada, yada insert what you and your men did the last weeks.

*The tone in the voice swaps to a more commanding one*

As well as, you will have to accept me in my position to receive your message and resign yourself to it since Miss Morgan is currently in the Black Mountain chain and not here in the lower South Zagoria area, she will be informed at the first possible date when she is in Radio range. The threat of considering her not answering as not delivering the message is kind of stupid since Miss Morgan is not the only person in charge but please I don't need to understand you and your logic or?

And if you haven't realized yet, Yes I´m slightly annoyed but hey who gives a fuck? 

We will not take a position in your wars and we will not care who you say we can have as friends and who not. You will come and kill us anyway.

By the way, didn't you want us to excuse you for your past behaviors against us? *A long laugh follows*

*pauses for a moment*

For the next time, don't come and crawl to Alyssa to beg for forgiveness just consider suicide as a solution ja?

*The Frequency goes silent again*

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  • Sapphire

*Pushes PTT DOWN*

Fuck You

*releases button*

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  • Sapphire

*Ivan drums his fingers on the table, listening to the transmission intently. He raises an eyebrow at the German mans last words, and again at Wong's response. Ivan's finger brushed against the transmit button, hesitating. He wondered if Wong did indeed have some sort of emotional weakness. Far fetched as it seemed, these were the signs he was receiving. 

Ivan presses down on the transmit button, and static can be heard. After a few moment, he releases the button, halting the static.

He places the radio upon the table and walks to the other side of the room, arms folded. He glares at the wall, deep in thought.*

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  • Sapphire

*Wong picks up his radio*

Are you the mister that took Darion? Alyssa said it was a german sounding fuckboi. I'll make this clear. I don't beg.

I was drunk last night when I first spoke on the radio, Now..If you support the Zbor movement in anyway shape of form you'll be considered hostile.

If you don't then everything will be fine. Apart from you. I will kill you for taking/Kidnapping Darion.

*he releases the button*

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*Annoyed at the fact that his radio keeps buzzing off with the sounds of what sounds like a child attempting to intimidate his old employer, Lehm picks up the radio he's neglected to use for so long, and brings it to his mouth, shifting his face mask aside so it isn't muffled.*

Hey now fella, how's about ya'll stop grab-assing on the god damn airwaves and fuckin act on it instead a' being a tough guy over the radio? I'm sure my old employer would relish the chance to crack some damn cocky ass child's skull in. Also what in the fuck is a 'fuckboi'? Sounds like the kinda insult I'd hear from a 14 year old who's just learned how to swear... god damn. 

*He chuckles a little and switches his radio off, taking the batteries out because he can't bare to hear whatever inane threat will come through next*

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  • Emerald

-Twisting the dial on his radio, starting with a sigh.-

"Are we seriously doing this, Jay? We never wronged you yet you seem to take so much pleasure in fucking us every chance you get like some two faced snake. For the record, we support our own beliefs and if others coincide with ours it's coincidence and it would appear you have no idea what being neutral means, of course you don't. You galavant across the countryside like some fool while the rest of us try and rebuild a world that could actually work unlike the old model but no, got to keep the infection alive so why not just hurry up and turn? Do us all a favour you lying, untrustworthy snake and go do something constructive instead of attacking innocent women, children and those that mean no threat to you."

"Good day to you."

-Twisting the dial again, leaving silence in his wake.-

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  • Sapphire

*Wong laughs*

So be it banana man and friends. See you soon.

Oh to the Mr who says do something instead of talking over the radio..Ask your employer about that little bitch he loved? Amy was it? Or ask Banana man about Jena? I do more then just talk. Maybe your just irrelevant. Take care

*Wong releases the button down*

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