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To the man named Gary [Open Frequency]

Guest Zimpod

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 *William sluggishly raises the radio to his mouth pressing the PTT button down with the little strength he has*

            I'm not gonna lie friend you really have fucked me up, To think I would have helped you in any way I could but for all of my gracious hospitality, I am met with temporary blindness and am now one finger short. *William looks down at a nub that should be his middle finger, While movement and a fire can be heard in the background* You know I've meant a lot of horrible people in my life hell I'm one of them, But I'm not on here to talk about past things I'm on here to tell you that things don't have to go on this way... *Sighs* You can change just like many have before you. But that being said I'm not one to forgive easily especially after what you've done to me. *A voice can be heard telling William to hurry up* Well friend I'm kinda pressed for time here but what I'm saying is if you don't change your ways soon it wont be very good.

                           *William takes a deep breath and puts his radio in his makeshift backpack and begins undressing his wounds*


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  • Sapphire

*Sean laughs psychotically at the man's ignorance and begins to broadcast*

"You need to understand, buddy. People are full of Fire. And when you play with fire, you know what happens? You get burned.

*He laughs louder and takes his finger off the transmit button*

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*Ramsay hears the radio transmission from his friend. He picks up his radio and clicks the talk button*

"William, you need to rest after what happened. You really shouldn't be traveling with a damaged eye. We need to meet up and talk."

*Ramsay lets go of the talk button and continues moving away from the grave he just dug*

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*Will hears the transmission and chuckles*

You know what kid you've got some big balls!

Remember me? I was the guy who held a gun to your head the entire time.

How is your eye doing? Oh and how is your finger?

*He pauses for a moment and puts on a serious voice*

Listen kid I'll be blunt with you, the world ain't sunshine and rainbows. It's survival of the fittest, natural selection.

There will always be people who will put you through hell and that ain't gonna change. 

What did you say kid? 'If you wanna break me you'll have to put me six feet under'. Next time we meet I'll be sure you're broken...

Or dead.

*Will puts down his radio and lays down next to his fire*

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*William pulls his radio in close listening to the mans words, He presses his PTT button*

Yeah I remember you clear as day...

You know friend I get your message loud and clear you boys gotta be the big men on top and nothing aint ever gonna change that,

So my friend its my turn to be blunt with you I've meant lots of men like you and they have all ended up the same way....dead.

Oh and I look forward to meeting you boys again

*William sets his radio in his lap and continues eating his cold sardines*

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*Will heads what the mans says*

Listen kid you're a little fish in a big pond.

Mark my words you'll be crushed like a bug in the name of God.

Let me tell you somit, I practically live in Green Mountain. Finding me is easy.

*He puts his radio down next to him waiting for a reply*

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  • Sapphire

*Gary Robinson sits atop a small forested hill, glaring at the barn where he robbed the men on the radio... He picks up his radio and begins to transmit in a calm voice*

"Listen to me, and listen very carefully... you made it absolutely apparent that you were hurting people, that you were some sort of a tough guy... You're more sick than me...

I taught you a lesson, put you in your place... and now you're angry  with me? Seriously? Grow up, and learn not to trust everyone you meet..."

*Gary stops transmitting and slowly inserts the radio into his vest pocket before laying down in the leaves...*

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*William chuckles at the mans fish analogy*

Thank you for those wise words friend.

Oh and don't worry we will meet eventually, *William raises the radio closer gripping it with white knuckles*

You should have killed me when you had the chance.

*William puts out his fire and gets ready to travel*

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*William hearing a very familiar voice come from his radio immediately stops in his tracks*

So friend like I told you many times I am a changed man I had let go of my past ways and I suggested you do the same.

But instead you nearly take my vision and mutilate my hand, listen to yourself friend you are no better than I.

You claim to have taught me a lesson but in reality all you've done is made yourself feel like some righteous do good-er *sighs*

Look at yourself friend all you are is a psychopath and we all know it.

*William grips his radio tight and resumes his travel's

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  • Sapphire

*Snapping out of his thoughts, Ivan returns to the radio he had left on the table and picks it up, listening. He raises an eyebrow as he hears the man apparently named Gary speak. He defiantly made sense. He listens further to the man named William and decides to respond.*

"You speak.... as if it matters whether or not someone is better or worse than somebody else. Morality.... humans invented it. Do you see any other creature on this planet that lives its life by 'moral codes?' Primitively we are creatures of destruction, if you put all the morality aside.

Killers. That's what humans are. Can you really fault somebody for acting as they were designed to?

For example. The atom bomb gets created. A weapon capable of destroying an entire city. 'oh joy, we have all of these bombs, therefore our country is the best defended,' people say. But when they actually get used.... everybody starts pointing fingers.

If you have something that can cause harm, what do you expect is going to happen? 

When humans, who are instinctively driven to create conflict, are put together in a country with no social structure, no law enforcement, what do you think is going to happen?

What should you take away from this? Be glad you aren't dead, because they could've killed you in an instant if they wanted to. Being a hostage these days is just like a hurdle on a track. You don't go back to it and curse it, and smash it until its splintered wood, else you loose the race. You just.... keep.... going. That's all there is to it."

*Ivan stops transmitting and puts the radio down, slightly surprised with his sudden outburst. He rubbed his temples, his eye closed. What the hell was happening to him?*

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