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I have a few questions and concerns that i hope i can get fixed. I have nearly 800 hours on dayz (not counting the mod) and i have played hundreds of hours on dayz rp, and just the past day i accidentally changed my name on dayz standalone and then realizing my mistake i changed it back to the dayz rp name i tried to join the server and it says that im not whitelisted so i believe that when i changed my name ( on accident) that i messed the whitelist up. Is there anyway i can fix this? PLEASE HELP

Thank you, 


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  • MVP

Hi, I believe that you're not whitelisted because you missed the whitelisting changeover. You had to transfer to the new whitelisting which was supposed to be done in a 3 week period a few months ago. You have missed it which means that you will need to re-whitelist. Sorry bud.

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  • Sapphire

Hey, as Samaritan said you may have missed the whitelisting changover, around the end of august/beginning of September there was a one month period to do this before you had to completely rewhitelist.

Do you remember doing that?

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  • Sapphire

Alright, glad you got your answer.

Good luck with the re-whitelisting,


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